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  1. brixesmith

    Resale Club 2019

    Come back, Stella and Selina - Glastonbury virgins - all is forgiven!
  2. brixesmith

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    Snap! That was a good year. In those days it felt like dogged determination was genuinely rewarded, it's just luck now. Which is good in some ways, and not in others.
  3. brixesmith

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    Fuck. Maybe I should have cleared my cookies! Arrgghh, I am deep in a spiral of despair and recriminations. I can't go on like this until April (and then, in all likelihood, beyond April....) 😫😫😫
  4. brixesmith

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    We were both on MacBook pros, running safari. I had a punt in the Thursday sale as had a feeling I couldn't rely on getting tickets on Sunday and got the holding page constantly, but then the same laptop couldn't get past 'server busy' on the Sunday, when the laptop right next to me was constantly on the holding page. It just seems so strange. It makes me feel like I could/should have done something differently to improve my chances, and that's not a nice feeling. Like maybe if I hadn't been greedy and tried on Thursday it wouldn't have locked me out on Sunday. We changed our broadband to super fast fibre last year, and a large part of our decision was so it would give us the best chance of getting Glastonbury tickets. I feel like maybe that actually worked against us somehow!
  5. brixesmith

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    This happened to me, only got holding page twice, meanwhile my husband, sitting next to me, on same WiFi for a time and then tethered to 4g phone, got the holding page constantly. Same spec laptop. The only difference between our setups is that I had this forum open in another window in my browser. Just as well I'm not a conspiracy theorist... I'd really like to believe there was something funny going on this year, I don't know anyone at all who got tickets which has never happened before.
  6. brixesmith

    Resale Club 2019

    It was 20th April (coach packages) and 23rd April (the rest) last time, I'm also going away in April so not feeling confident. Though I wouldn't be feeling confident anyway given the numbers who haven't got tickets, it seems like the majority of people on here will be trying in the resale and I don't remember that happening before...
  7. brixesmith

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    Hi @Glasto WeatherwatchWeatherwatch! Nice to see you on here, your weather updates were a real highlight of the run-up to the early 2000s Glastonburys.
  8. brixesmith

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    We had two laptops, both initially on home WiFi, then tethered to phone connected to 4g, both macbooks, same spec. Weirdly one laptop only got past the 'cant connect' page twice, while the other one was constantly on the holding page but could get no further. Why could one laptop not even get onto the holding page? We thought both being on the same WiFi might have been chucking the other out but even when we tethered the 'successful' one to 4g there was no sniff of the holding page on the other one, while the one on 4g was constantly on there. Needless to say, no tickets. Was hoping for one last year after a gap of nine years, due to progressive degenerative illness I think this might have been my last chance (I know, not looking for sympathy, plenty people have sad stories, it's just gutting! Feel very lucky for the ten Glastonburys I had, back in those halcyon days when getting a ticket was so simple!)
  9. Done! Fucking hell! When you've got to that holding page just hammer refresh, worked for me eventually! Good luck!
  10. Done! Fucking hell! When you've got to that holding page just hammer refresh, worked for me eventually! Good luck!
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