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  1. They were spectacular back in 2010 - Pavement/Pixies/Pet Shop Boys
  2. https://www.iq-mag.net/2019/09/primavera-sound-london-2020-called-off/#.XXbCy9TTX3B
  3. No rush - two week window for pre-early birds until July 3. Its the general early birds that are limited.
  4. No seperate tickets required - just turn up. In previous years I've got to the Apollo about half an hour before the band I wanted to see with no queuing.
  5. Glad to hear that Fucked Up are playing the Apollo. Anyone got a link to which other bands are also playing there on the Weds?
  6. Yep - only ever been ID checked for VIP. Never for regular tickets.
  7. Fine - used it for both Barca and Porto versions. You won't get the name changed on the ticket but it's never been a problem in my previous experiences.
  8. First 2 records are stunning. For fans of Slint, Shellac, Tortoise etc.
  9. Can't remember where I found this but it looks a little more realistic....
  10. "hiphop" headliners are great if they actually turn up...
  11. Staying in Matosinhinos this year. Previously we've stayed off Avenue da Boavista/Casa Musica without too much trouble getting back and forth.
  12. Check out the Oblivians - wild garage punk from the mid-90s that put out records on In the Red/Crypt record label. Always killer live - I believe they're playing twice (Saturday and Sunday).
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