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  1. I don't think the actual testing will be costly for nightclubs. Checking someone's phone is no different to checking ID. When I had my vaccine status checked at festival this year it took seconds. It may well cost their bottom line if it effect's the amount of people going into the night club though. But then I guess it's possible it might encourage some people to head out if they know vaccines passports are in place. I was talking to a friend of mine about going to a gig and he decided to hold off buying tickets to see if vaccine passports were introduced, he was on the shielding list so he he's only going to go if they are brought in. Obviously he's only one person but it would be interesting to see what the effects of passports are on a population that's got a very high rate of uptake like ours.
  2. Them having to pay it on vacant properties is good news for councils, especially in heavy student or second home areas. However I've never paid higher council tax than rent - if a landlord isn't filling a house to collect the rent I can't see the council tax bill on top of that pushing them to fill it.
  3. I think that's the moral of the whole pandmeic though, that many people seem to have missed, you get it from peopel you know not strangers. I went to Latitude and worked at Reading. Thoroughly lat flow tested after Latitude, had to have a PCR after Reading because I got a local bug that gave me a cough. All the tests came back negative, thankfully seems like my jabs worked well! I think over all the answer is to encourage regular testing for everyone. You need to treat PCR tests like STD tests. The more risky your behaviour the more you test. I tend to do a LFT on Mondays and Thursdays as I like to go out at the weekends.
  4. I've tried that trick to be on time, doesn't work.
  5. Yeah, if you make the rules seem illogical I think people are less likely to follow them. I've been to a few places that have specifically put up signs saying what they want you to do with masks as a request, I wish more places would do that. I am double jabbed and still test regularly so am comfortable not wearing a mask (and TBH never had a whole lot of fatih in them in the first place) but still wear mind in a lot of places essentially out of politeness.
  6. Went past the site on a train on Saturday. They're putting up the normal main stage, no signs of work on the new one yet.
  7. Yeah I had to show proof for Latitude last weekend. Got the same QR code, waved through the gates. Note there is an expiry on it (for the QR code not the jab!) so you may need to go on the site and get a new pass before the show. I don't think any of the Welsh test events have worked on vaccination status yet so maybe that's why it says England on it, may change in the near future.
  8. TBF I think noise complaints are quite a small amount of the flack festivals get. It's the traffic that most locals really hate - and FR have done a lot over the last decade or so to keep traffic out of the town center. Main stages have to shut off reasonably early and you can be much more directional about sound nowadays than you used to be so I think this probably won't cause too much issues. Other than those people who want to complain because they hate the festivala and love to moan.
  9. Yes you can leave site to restock, there will also (probably) be a coop on site in a tent selling cans of beer but be prepared for a long queue.
  10. Skyward Sword is probably my second favorite Zelda game after Ocarina. That said I wasn't enamored with BOTW, it was a good game but all the emptiness was a bit disappointing and I'd have rathered proper dungeons again. Still looking forward to BOTW2 mind.
  11. Do we know what bit of it has been? Is it folks going into each others houses? Or the Tartan Army mobilizing to seize London? Because I thought (the old) COVID was really hard to spread outside? Though I guess they all got together on the trains for hours.
  12. Cool thanks never come across a graph like that before
  13. I don't understand that phase portrait chart, how does it work?
  14. Oh dear poor guy! Though I think a good half of the confidence I have now comes from working traffic management at festivals (and it beat litter picking as a job!)
  15. Loads, some are worse than others (Guilfest probably the worst) but when your doing traffic you get verbal abuse almost hourly. I've seen people get punched by drivers who thought they had a god given right to do what they want. I've had quite a few people square up to me. All we were trying to do was keep the traffic flowing but it turns out getting behind the wheel turns some people into entitled pricks. The worst is trying to keep a semblance of order when everyone is leaving. I've seen people purposely drive into people who stopped them to let another traffic lane move. The funniest thing is you'd see the people who had shouted at you later in the festival. They wouldn't recognise you and would be all chilled, full of the peace and love, and having fun.
  16. Getting flashbacks to my days parking cars at festivals. I've never been shouted at like it. I don't know what is it about being in a car that makes people think they can treat you like that. From the stewards perspective they have thousands of cars to park and just want to get them in, where you want to part isn't really part of the equation because it's not possible to put you anywhere other than the place you end up in due to the order you arrived at. You couldn't get people in at the speed required to stop queening on the roads.* Though to be fair we always started nearest the gate, and I've never done parking at Glastonbury. *The think that pisses locals off about festivals much more than the noise is the traffic they cause. You get a queue on the road and the council will be there straight away to bollock you.
  17. I think GFA is talking about white carpark which is for weekenders. If you're on a day ticket you'll end up in green carpark. Its in Kings Meadow by a big Tesco. But you can get a shuttle boat down to the site. Once you get off the boat it's about a 5-10 min walk through the campsite to the arena. You can't take chairs into the arena. Also worth remembering you can't take a bag bigger than A4 in either, that's a new rule post the Manchester attack.
  18. That's a bit of weird analysis. For a start its a half truth because first jabs are continuing at the same pace they have been for a while, no drop off. Also the decision to not give under 40s AZ was to do with the balance of risk, would be really stupid to race though the jabs with an unsuitable vaccine and do more harm than good.
  19. Festival Republic have just announced Latitude as a pilot event so no matter the changes in restrictions it's going ahead. Do you think this will start a trend? Many more festivals becoming pilots?
  20. Delta plus binds to the lungs more effectively than the Delta standard and antibody treatments (as in where they get antibodies from someone else and put them in you, not your own) are less effective. The article I read didn't mention anything about it evading your own antibodies so hopefully it doesn't do that.
  21. And thousands traveled there and didn't cause a spike before, there haven't been similar spikes in other tourist hotspots either (albeit without the G7). Having a birthday in a house increases the chance of anyone in that household getting covid by 30% within the fortnight. Your common sense might indicate that the person hitting another rotation of the sun is the cause, but its not.
  22. How do we know it did? That's what I was saying, I think its correlation not causation.
  23. The logic is that tourists/visitors and the settled population don't really come into contact in a way that usually spreads the virus. I.e. tourists and locals broadly aren't spending 15 minutes within a meter of each other. Authough virus transmissibility is increased the opportunities don't often present themselves. So even with the increased spreadability of the new mutations the spikes are unlikely caused by outsiders. The short answer being people don't often catch COVID from strangers.
  24. But social interaction - which is where transmission occurs - has not changed. There was zero spike caused by summer tourists and although slightly hyperbolic 0 * 50% increase in transmissibility is still 0.
  25. Bold statement but I recon the G7 thing, and the holiday makers, is coloration not causation. There were no spikes in Cornwall or West Wales last summer despite the locals (and most other people) fully expecting there to be and both those areas being rammed to the ceiling with tourists. Holiday makers (and I expect G7 circus folks) don't tend to mix that much with the community at large so don't spread the virus into the community, especially at the moment where the places they would come in contact with locals (pubs, restaurants or outdoors on a beach) are all pretty COVID secure. What does spread the virus is people from inside communities heading out somewhere, being irresponsible then coming back home and continuing to be irresponsible. I wonder if these spikes have anything to do with locals having Euros parties? It's just much easier to blame outsiders though.
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