Camden Rocks 2019 line-up and rumours

Saturday 1st to Sunday 2nd June 2019
various venues, Camden, Greater London, NW1 8AN, England MAP
currently £70 for the weekend or £40 for either day
daily capacity: 4000
last updated: Thu 16th May 2019

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sun 2nd, Kolis - The Lounge(C) 10 Gauge
Sat 1st, Underworld(TBC) TBA
Sat 1st, Dingwalls(TBC) TBA
Sat 1st, Camden Assembly(TBC) TBA
Sat 1st, Monarch(TBC) TBA
Sat 1st, Boot Room(TBC) TBA
Sun 2nd, Lyttleton Arms(TBC) TBA
Sun 2nd, Boot Room(TBC) TBA
Sun 2nd, Electric Ballroom(C) A
Sun 2nd, Fest(C) A Story To Tell
Sun 2nd, Black Heart(C) Acres
Sat 1st, Gabeto(C) Adam Masterson
Sun 2nd, Kolis - The Lounge(C) After Smoke Clears
Sun 2nd, Music & Beans(C) Al Moses
Sat 1st, Good Mixer(C) Albany
Sat 1st, Hawley Arms(C) Alexis Kings
Sat 1st, Dingwalls Canalside(C) Alive With Eyes
Sat 1st, Lyttleton Arms(C) All Ears Avow
Sat 1st, Underworld(C) Angelic Upstarts
Sat 1st, Devonshire Arms(C) Angerland
Sun 2nd, Monarch(C) Annabel Allum
Sun 2nd, Hawley Arms(C) Apollo Junction
Sun 2nd, Devonshire Arms(C) Arcane Militia
Sat 1st, Electric Ballroom(C) Area 11
Sat 1st, Kolis - The Lounge(C) As Sirens Fall
Sun 2nd, Electric Ballroom(C) Ash
Sat 1st, Fest(C) Asylums
Sun 2nd, Kolis - The Lounge(C) At The Sun
Sat 1st, Monarch(C) Autopilot
Sun 2nd, Belushis(C) Average Sex
Sat 1st, Fiddler's Elbow(C) Bad Solution
Sun 2nd, Black Heart(C) Bad Touch
Sat 1st, Dingwalls(C) Bang Bang Romeo
Sun 2nd, Lyttleton Arms(C) Beach For Tiger
Sat 1st, Devonshire Arms(C) Behind Blue Eyes
Sun 2nd, Belushis(C) Bengal Lancers
Sat 1st, Lyttleton Arms(C) Berries
Sun 2nd, Black Heart(C) Best of Enemies
Sat 1st, Camden Assembly(C) Bexatron
Sat 1st, Dingwalls Canalside(C) Bitch Falcon
Sat 1st, Black Heart(C) Black Futures
Sat 1st, Fiddler's Elbow(C) Black Lightning
Sun 2nd, Black Heart(C) Black Orchid Empire
Sat 1st, Gabeto(C) Black Orchids
Sun 2nd, Fiddler's Elbow(C) Black Roze
Sun 2nd, Kolis - The Lounge(C) Black Sixteen
Sun 2nd, Belushis(C) BLESS.
Sun 2nd, Monarch(C) Boyfromthecrowd
Sat 1st, Fiddler's Elbow(C) Brain Ape
Sat 1st, Dublin Castle(C) Brand New Friend
Sun 2nd, Lyttleton Arms(C) Bridges
Sun 2nd, Belushis(C) Brightlight City
Sun 2nd, Dublin Castle(C) Bugeye
Sat 1st, Lyttleton Arms(C) Building Giants
Sun 2nd, Dingwalls(C) Buster Shuffle
Sat 1st, Fiddler's Elbow(C) Butterflies On Pins
Sun 2nd, Music & Beans(C) Calico Jack
Sun 2nd, Dingwalls(C) Carl Barat
Sat 1st, Dingwalls Canalside(C) Cavalcade
Sun 2nd, Camden Assembly(C) Cellar Door Moon Crow
Sat 1st, Good Mixer(C) Coast to Coast
Sat 1st, Electric Ballroom(C) Collateral
Sun 2nd, Dublin Castle(C) Colt 45
Sun 2nd, Black Heart(C) Colt 48
Sat 1st, Good Mixer(C) Cross Wires
Sun 2nd, Fest(C) Cruel Hearts Club
Sun 2nd, Dingwalls Canalside(C) DAM_FINO
Sun 2nd, Brewdog (acoustic)(C) Daniel Coburn
Sat 1st, Dublin Castle(C) David Stevens And The Beguiled
Sun 2nd, Gabeto(C) Daxx & Roxane
Sat 1st, Kolis - The Lounge(C) Dead At Eleven
Sat 1st, Devonshire Arms(C) Dead Label
Sun 2nd, Electric Ballroom(C) Deaf Havana
Sun 2nd, Boot Room(C) Deaf Havana
Sun 2nd, Devonshire Arms(C) Death Remains
Sun 2nd, Dingwalls Canalside(C) Delaire The Liar
Sat 1st, Devonshire Arms(C) Derange
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Derrange
Sun 2nd, Dingwalls Canalside(C) Desert Clouds
Sat 1st, Camden Assembly(C) Desperate Journalist
Sun 2nd, Hawley Arms(C) Deux Furieuses
Sun 2nd, Fiddler's Elbow(C) Die Ego
Sat 1st, Music & Beans(C) Dig Lazarus
Sun 2nd, Music & Beans(C) Dirty Orange
Sun 2nd, Underworld(C) Discharge
Sat 1st, Kolis - The Lounge(C) Doomsday Outlaw
Sat 1st, Brewdog (acoustic)(C) Dr!Ftwood
Sun 2nd, Devonshire Arms(C) Dragster
Sun 2nd, Good Mixer(C) Drool
Sat 1st, Gabeto(C) Duchess
Sun 2nd, Belushis(C) Duck Lips
Sat 1st, Music & Beans(C) Dutch Mustard
Sun 2nd, Devonshire Arms(C) D_Drive
Sat 1st, Music & Beans(C) EGO
Sun 2nd, Electric Ballroom(C) Eliza and The Bear
Sun 2nd, Brewdog (acoustic)(C) Everything is Imagined
Sun 2nd, Kolis - The Lounge(C) Exist Immortal
Sun 2nd, Electric Ballroom(C) Faers
Sun 2nd, Camden Assembly(C) False Heads
Sun 2nd, Underworld(C) Federal Charm
Sun 2nd, Gabeto(C) Ferocious Dog
Sun 2nd, Kolis - The Lounge(C) Flesh Tetris
Sat 1st, Monarch(C) Flight Brigade
Sat 1st, Electric Ballroom(C) Frank Turner
Sat 1st, Devonshire Arms(C) From Once We Came
Sat 1st, Good Mixer(C) Funeral Shakes
Sun 2nd, Good Mixer(C) GayGirl
Sat 1st, Underworld(C) Ginger Wildheart
Sun 2nd, Electric Ballroom(C) Glamour Of The Kill
Sun 2nd, Dingwalls Canalside(C) Glass Peaks
Sun 2nd, Dingwalls Canalside(C) Glossii
Sat 1st, Camden Assembly(C) Gold Key
Sun 2nd, Kolis - The Lounge(C) Greywind
Sat 1st, Fiddler's Elbow(C) Guitar Gangsters
Sun 2nd, Hawley Arms(C) Haig
Sun 2nd, Camden Assembly(C) Hands Off Gretel
Sun 2nd, Monarch(C) Harry Marshall
Sun 2nd, Fiddler's Elbow(C) HAWXX
Sun 2nd, Dublin Castle(C) Healthy Junkies
Sat 1st, Camden Assembly(C) Heavy Rapids
Sat 1st, Hawley Arms(C) Hello Operator
Sun 2nd, Brewdog (acoustic)(C) Henry Grace
Sun 2nd, Black Heart(C) I Within
Sun 2nd, Lyttleton Arms(C) IAMWARFACE
Sun 2nd, Hawley Arms(C) Indian Queens
Sun 2nd, Good Mixer(C) Indya
Sun 2nd, Hawley Arms(C) Inklings
Sat 1st, Brewdog (acoustic)(C) Iridesce
Sat 1st, Hawley Arms(C) Izzy Thomas
Sun 2nd, Good Mixer(C) Jack And Sally
Sun 2nd, Dublin Castle(C) Janus Stark
Sat 1st, Dublin Castle(C) Jeremy?
Sun 2nd, Gabeto(C) JOANovARC
Sat 1st, Music & Beans(C) Joe Asteroid
Sun 2nd, Gabeto(C) John J Presley
Sat 1st, Hawley Arms(C) Juicebox
Sun 2nd, Hawley Arms(C) JW Paris
Sat 1st, Music & Beans(C) Karima Francis
Sat 1st, Fiddler's Elbow(C) Karobela
Sun 2nd, Devonshire Arms(C) KilliT
Sun 2nd, Kolis - The Lounge(C) King Creature
Sat 1st, Dingwalls(C) King Nun
Sun 2nd, Lyttleton Arms(C) Kit Trigg
Sat 1st, Good Mixer(C) Knocksville
Sun 2nd, Lyttleton Arms(C) KOYO
Sun 2nd, Good Mixer(C) L Sicario
Sat 1st, Fest(C) Lady Luck Lexy
Sun 2nd, Music & Beans(C) Lara Smiles
Sun 2nd, Lyttleton Arms(C) Last Great Dreamers
Sat 1st, Fiddler's Elbow(C) Late Night Legacy
Sun 2nd, Monarch(C) Laulia
Sun 2nd, Boot Room(C) Lazy Day
Sat 1st, Fest(C) Lebrock
Sun 2nd, Fiddler's Elbow(C) LEE PA++ERSON
Sat 1st, Dingwalls Canalside(C) LEONTAS
Sat 1st, Brewdog (acoustic)(C) Liam Burke
Sat 1st, Brewdog (acoustic)(C) Liar's Teeth
Sat 1st, Dingwalls Canalside(C) Lighthouse
Sat 1st, Brewdog (acoustic)(C) Lloyd Llewellyn
Sat 1st, Black Heart(C) Loathe
Sun 2nd, Brewdog (acoustic)(C) Longy
Sat 1st, Dublin Castle(C) Los Pepes
Sat 1st, Black Heart(C) Lost In Stereo
Sun 2nd, Hawley Arms(C) Lots Holloway
Sun 2nd, Lyttleton Arms(C) Lottery Winners
Sun 2nd, Underworld(C) LOTUS EATER
Sat 1st, Brewdog (acoustic)(C) Louis Coupe
Sat 1st, Monarch(C) Louzada
Sun 2nd, Belushis(C) Luke Rainsford
Sun 2nd, Dingwalls(C) Luna Bay
Sat 1st, Good Mixer(C) Lunar Echoes
Sun 2nd, Black Heart(C) M A V E N
Sat 1st, Good Mixer(C) Man the Lifeboats
Sat 1st, Lyttleton Arms(C) Marty Broke My Heart
Sat 1st, Kolis - The Lounge(C) Matty James Cassidy
Sun 2nd, Fiddler's Elbow(C) Maxx Palmer
Sun 2nd, Dingwalls Canalside(C) Mellor
Sat 1st, Dingwalls(C) Mercutio
Sat 1st, Kolis - The Lounge(C) Mess
Sat 1st, Black Heart(C) Mick O'Toole
Sun 2nd, Good Mixer(C) Midwich Cuckoos
Sat 1st, Electric Ballroom(C) Milk Teeth
Sat 1st, Boot Room(C) Milk Teeth
Sat 1st, Lyttleton Arms(C) Millie Manders and The Shutup
Sun 2nd, Camden Assembly(C) Miracle Glass Company
Sat 1st, Underworld(C) MK Ultra
Sat 1st, Black Heart(C) Modern Error
Sun 2nd, Brewdog (acoustic)(C) Monty Taft
Sun 2nd, Black Heart(C) Mutant Monster
Sat 1st, Music & Beans(C) Mux
Sun 2nd, Music & Beans(C) MYOK
Sun 2nd, Brewdog (acoustic)(C) Natalie Shay
Sat 1st, Brewdog (acoustic)(C) Neon Animal
Sat 1st, Kolis - The Lounge(C) Nervus
Sat 1st, Underworld(C) New Model Army
Sun 2nd, Good Mixer(C) No Fit State
Sat 1st, Dingwalls Canalside(C) No Violet
Sun 2nd, Lyttleton Arms(C) Nobody Wins
Sat 1st, Brewdog (acoustic)(C) Non Canon
Sun 2nd, Dingwalls(C) NOVACUB
Sat 1st, Fiddler's Elbow(C) Novatines
Sat 1st, Music & Beans(C) Offend My Ego
Sat 1st, Dingwalls Canalside(C) On Video
Sat 1st, Devonshire Arms(C) Ondt Blod
Sun 2nd, Fest(C) Orchards
Sun 2nd, Underworld(C) Our Hollow, Our Home
Sun 2nd, Camden Assembly(C) Outer Stella Overdrive
Sun 2nd, Lyttleton Arms(C) Oxygen Thief
Sun 2nd, Good Mixer(C) Panic Island
Sat 1st, Black Heart(C) Pengshui
Sat 1st, Dublin Castle(C) Pet Needs
Sat 1st, Black Heart(C) Phoxjaw
Sat 1st, Brewdog (acoustic)(C) Pilgrims' Dream
Sat 1st, Camden Assembly(C) Pilhouse
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Ping Ping Warrior
Sat 1st, Dingwalls Canalside(C) Ping Pong Warrior
Sat 1st, Hawley Arms(C) Plain Sails
Sat 1st, Fiddler's Elbow(C) Playmaker
Sun 2nd, Monarch(C) PollyPikPocketz
Sun 2nd, Camden Assembly(C) Press to Meco
Sun 2nd, Brewdog (acoustic)(C) Press to Meco
Sat 1st, Lyttleton Arms(C) Pretty Pistol
Sat 1st, Dingwalls(C) Pretty Vicious
Sun 2nd, Dingwalls Canalside(C) Priests to Pilots
Sat 1st, Monarch(C) Projector
Sat 1st, Music & Beans(C) Puppet Kings
Sun 2nd, Music & Beans(C) Purple Lights
Sat 1st, Gabeto(C) Queen Zee
Sat 1st, Gabeto(C) Queesnway
Sun 2nd, Underworld(C) Raging Speedhorn
Sun 2nd, Fest(C) Random Hand
Sat 1st, Monarch(C) Rascalton
Sun 2nd, Electric Ballroom(C) Rat Boy
Sun 2nd, Devonshire Arms(C) Ravenface
Sun 2nd, Dublin Castle(C) Red Method
Sun 2nd, Hawley Arms(C) Red Rum Club
Sun 2nd, Devonshire Arms(C) Repair to Ruin
Sun 2nd, Dingwalls(C) REWS
Sun 2nd, Boot Room(C) REWS
Sun 2nd, Hawley Arms(C) Rhyn
Sat 1st, Kolis - The Lounge(C) Rich Ragany & the Digressions
Sun 2nd, Monarch(C) Ringo Franco
Sat 1st, Dingwalls Canalside(C) Rival Karma
Sat 1st, Devonshire Arms(C) River Becomes Ocean
Sun 2nd, Fiddler's Elbow(C) River Hounds
Sun 2nd, Boot Room(C) Roe
Sat 1st, Music & Beans(C) Rollers Of Bedlam
Sat 1st, Hawley Arms(C) Rubber Jaw
Sun 2nd, Underworld(C) Ruts DC
Sat 1st, Black Heart(C) Ryuketsu Blizzard
Sun 2nd, Fest(C) Ryuketsu Blizzard
Sun 2nd, Camden Assembly(C) Saint Agnes
Sun 2nd, Fiddler's Elbow(C) Salvation Jayne
Sun 2nd, Fiddler's Elbow(C) Sasha and the Shades
Sat 1st, Dingwalls(C) Sean McGowan
Sun 2nd, Fiddler's Elbow(C) Seasonal
Sun 2nd, Brewdog (acoustic)(C) Sebastian Schub
Sat 1st, Gabeto(C) Seething Akira
Sun 2nd, Monarch(C) Selfworth
Sun 2nd, Good Mixer(C) Seven Days and Doesn't Die
Sat 1st, Brewdog (acoustic)(C) Shaun O'Reilly
Sat 1st, Hawley Arms(C) Shea Rafferty & Band
Sun 2nd, Camden Assembly(C) Shvpes
Sat 1st, Dublin Castle(C) Sick Love
Sun 2nd, Brewdog (acoustic)(C) Silent Cities
Sun 2nd, Devonshire Arms(C) Silvercord
Sat 1st, Monarch(C) Sinka
Sun 2nd, Black Heart(C) Sinka
Sun 2nd, Monarch(C) Skarlett Riot
Sun 2nd, Dingwalls(C) Skinny Lister
Sat 1st, Boot Room(C) Sleaze
Sun 2nd, Dingwalls Canalside(C) Slip Digby
Sat 1st, Hawley Arms(C) Slow Mojo
Sun 2nd, Boot Room(C) Snak Dracula
Sun 2nd, Dublin Castle(C) Soeur
Sun 2nd, Fest(C) Sonic Boom Six
Sat 1st, Dublin Castle(C) Spit
Sat 1st, Dingwalls(C) Strange Bones
Sat 1st, Music & Beans(C) Sugar Horse
Sun 2nd, Hawley Arms(C) Sugarthief
Sat 1st, Fiddler's Elbow(C) Sugarwolf
Sat 1st, Kolis - The Lounge(C) Sulpher
Sun 2nd, Good Mixer(C) Suzie Stapleton
Sun 2nd, Gabeto(C) Sweet Crisis
Sun 2nd, Devonshire Arms(C) Sworn Amongst
Sun 2nd, Dublin Castle(C) Syteria
Sun 2nd, Kolis - The Lounge(C) Tenyson
Sun 2nd, Lyttleton Arms(C) The AutistiX
Sat 1st, Dingwalls Canalside(C) The Black Roses
Sat 1st, Gabeto(C) The Bottom Line
Sat 1st, Lyttleton Arms(C) The Brandy Thieves
Sun 2nd, Dublin Castle(C) The Chords UK
Sat 1st, Lyttleton Arms(C) The Collier
Sun 2nd, Fiddler's Elbow(C) The Cruel Knives
Sat 1st, Fiddler's Elbow(C) The Dark Light
Sun 2nd, Gabeto(C) The Dirty Strangers
Sat 1st, Fest(C) The DSM IV
Sat 1st, Boot Room(C) The Dunts
day TBC, unknown stage(C) The Dunts
Sat 1st, Black Heart(C) The Dynamite Club
Sat 1st, Good Mixer(C) The Empty Page
Sat 1st, Hawley Arms(C) The Estevans
Sat 1st, Black Heart(C) The Famous Class
Sat 1st, Lyttleton Arms(C) The Filthy Spectacula
Sat 1st, Devonshire Arms(C) The Five Hundred
Sun 2nd, Belushis(C) The Franklys
Sun 2nd, Music & Beans(C) The Garage Flowers
Sun 2nd, Brewdog (acoustic)(C) The Good Tenants
Sun 2nd, Dingwalls Canalside(C) The Gulps
Sat 1st, Dublin Castle(C) The Hip Priests
Sun 2nd, Hawley Arms(C) The Howlers
Sat 1st, Lyttleton Arms(C) The Hyena Kill
Sat 1st, Good Mixer(C) The Idol Dead
Sun 2nd, Kolis - The Lounge(C) The Kut
Sat 1st, Good Mixer(C) The London SS
Sun 2nd, Gabeto(C) The Luka State
Sun 2nd, Dublin Castle(C) The Muffin Heads
Sun 2nd, Gabeto(C) The Offdays
Sun 2nd, Monarch(C) The Pearl Harts
Sat 1st, Dingwalls(C) The Pigeon Detectives
Sat 1st, Boot Room(C) The Pigeon Detectives
Sat 1st, Underworld(C) The Professionals
Sat 1st, Gabeto(C) The Quireboys
Sat 1st, Music & Beans(C) The Scruff
Sun 2nd, Dingwalls Canalside(C) The Silver Bayonets
Sat 1st, Fest(C) The Soap Girls
Sun 2nd, Dingwalls(C) The SoapGirls
Sat 1st, Electric Ballroom(C) The Spitfires
Sat 1st, Kolis - The Lounge(C) The Sweet Things
Sat 1st, Kolis - The Lounge(C) The Tip
Sun 2nd, Dingwalls(C) The Virginmarys
Sun 2nd, Music & Beans(C) The Widows
Sat 1st, Monarch(C) The Wild Things
Sun 2nd, Underworld(C) The Wonder Stuff
Sun 2nd, Dublin Castle(C) The Wood Burning Savages
Sat 1st, Devonshire Arms(C) THECITYISOURS
Sat 1st, Camden Assembly(C) Thieves Of Liberty
Sun 2nd, Fiddler's Elbow(C) Third Lung
Sat 1st, Camden Assembly(C) This Years Ghost
Sun 2nd, Good Mixer(C) Thousand Thoughts
Sat 1st, Brewdog (acoustic)(C) Three Mile Smile
Sat 1st, Dingwalls Canalside(C) Thunder On The Left
Sun 2nd, Belushis(C) Toffees
Sun 2nd, Lyttleton Arms(C) Tokyo Taboo
Sat 1st, Lyttleton Arms(C) Tova
Sun 2nd, Fest(C) Towers Of London
Sun 2nd, Music & Beans(C) Trecco Beis
Sun 2nd, Music & Beans(C) TVVINNS
Sun 2nd, Fest(C) Twin Jackal
Sun 2nd, Dingwalls Canalside(C) Two Year Break
Sat 1st, Fest(C) Undead Raisins
Sat 1st, Fiddler's Elbow(C) Unknown Chapters
Sat 1st, Gabeto(C) Urock
Sat 1st, Fest(C) V2A
Sun 2nd, Devonshire Arms(C) Ventenner
Sat 1st, Lyttleton Arms(C) Via Dolorosa
Sun 2nd, Camden Assembly(C) Vigilantes
Sat 1st, Hawley Arms(C) VISTA KICKS
Sat 1st, Dublin Castle(C) Warrior Soul
Sat 1st, Dublin Castle(C) Wars
Sat 1st, Monarch(C) Waste
Sat 1st, Camden Assembly(C) Waterfools
Sat 1st, Kolis - The Lounge(C) Weekend Recovery
Sat 1st, Electric Ballroom(C) Wheatus
Sat 1st, Boot Room(C) White Eskimo
Sat 1st, Hawley Arms(C) Wild Front
Sat 1st, Devonshire Arms(C) Witchingseason
day TBC, unknown stage(C) XII Weeks
Sun 2nd, Dublin Castle(C) XIII Weeks
Sat 1st, Dublin Castle(C) Young Garbo
Sun 2nd, Kolis - The Lounge(C) Youth Illusion
Sat 1st, Electric Ballroom(C) [spunge]

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour
(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour
(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

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