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  1. EXIT Festival 2018 (12-15th July)

    Added: Grace Jones (Main stage) Elderbrook (Fusion stage) Asian Dub Foundation (Fusion stage) Cockney Rejects (Explosive stage) So far:
  2. EXIT Festival 2018 (12-15th July)

    Mate where did you find headliners in this announcement? Exit is quite different then all other festivals, there are absolutely no rules regarding announcement and you can expect unexpected I suppose "heavy" acts will come shortly, at least they won Best Major European award so have obligation to prove it makes sense
  3. EXIT Festival 2018 (12-15th July)

    First Acts for Dance Arena announced - Techno Thursday:
  4. EXIT Festival 2018 (12-15th July)

    As far as insiders say it might be late November or December.
  5. EXIT Festival 2018 Dates: 12-15th July Venue: Medieval Fortress (Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad city) Capacity: 50.000 per night (200.000 in total) 23 stages Tickets: super early bird on sale few more day still Price: 79£ +bf Dance Arena 7AM

    The Killers / Day 0 map:

    Mate now there are 4 day and 5 day festival tickets but still 5 day is a good choice. Re new announcement, well yes I suppose more acts will be added for the Main stage but it is hard to predict which genre.. Dance Arena on Sunday is basically still empty so some real techno acts will be added I think as Saturday is full of edm acts. Noisia with "Outer Edges" is brilliant!

    Is it just your own impression regarding the price. The band is one of the most expensive bands currently. Btw BST Hyde Park - Only The Killers day is sold out, KOL/Green Day/Phil Collins/Justin Bieber daily tickets are still available.

    Yep, found this one: - All the customers that have bought Exit Festival ticket, Adventure ticket or Summer of Love ticket from the start of the sales until Thursday, 9th March (11:59pm) will get automatically access for Day 0. It applies to the customers which have bought tickets via www.exitfest.org/en, Festicket, Skiddle, Ticket Arena So it does not apply to local markets.
  10. EXIT FESTIVAL 2017

    There are people from Lebanon at Exit so all you need is to decide to come I suppose there in no chance you can find cheaper major festival in Europe
  11. EXIT FESTIVAL 2017

    It seems that surcharge will be demanded for Day 0 access but certainly with huge discount for Exit festival ticket holders.
  12. EXIT FESTIVAL 2017

    Well that is true, but Exit is mostly nightly festival as it goes from 7pm until 8am. So it makes sense to have headliners late In that scenario some private flat or hostel might be better option but still campsite gives certain advantages as well.
  13. EXIT FESTIVAL 2017

    Well now it is official, this is the last mailer: Going to EXIT? Make sure to be here a day earlier! Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone, but we’ve got something BIG cooking for Wednesday, July 5th! If you have already bought your EXIT ticket, wait just a bit longer before you make the travel arrangements. Some sassy news is around the corner and we will let you in on the secret first. Sit tight, EXIT Summer of Love BIG news is in sight!

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