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  1. for Biffy it matters a lot because it's not a cheap band, but not really a headliner. but the number of bands that can headline and are touring is much more limited than the names that can play 4th down on main or headline the Barn.
  2. The same was being said about the Killers , that they are not big enough in Belgium to headline or even sub Werchter, in 2017 when they were still a possibility to sub either Radiohead or Foos. And then they came next year and outright headlined with London Grammar subbing (!!!). You don't really know if the band's national status matters more than the international one...
  3. with brockhampton in poland on the week of primavera, they must be nailed.
  4. I think Kendrick + 21 pilots was always the combo that made the most sense. but who knows?
  5. SOAD crowd was amazing Pearl Jam was decent, but nothing special.
  6. no. day tickets will start to sell out first, but probably in March/April. combi tickets comprise the majority of the tickets and there is no problem if you want to wait a couple of months. Hive Resort packages sell out first so if you plan on camping there that would have to be the first target.
  7. all festivals did last year imo - it was a slow year.
  8. it's not exactly fair to compare 8 names with fests that already have 20 or 30... I saw the same kind of talk in 2018 when Mad Cool seemed for such a long time to have a better line up - in the end Werchter was a bit better imo. werchter never really disappoints in terms of line up.
  9. in my opinion they will be there. frank turner played before and is the typical werchter act for the barn or early main stage. LE:seems like he didn't... strange anderson paak had one of the best sets of the festival last year and my guess is that they want him back. however, we will probably have the first bulk announcement next year. i doubt gojira though, as it's not very well suited for the festival, but who knows?
  10. i hope not post malone, if it's him it pretty much confirms Kendrick won't be there - Werchter would never book 2 big rappers
  11. i think you are worrying too much, all 3 acts announced so far are bands that will sell LOTS of tickets. you should consider the fact that most people that attend festivals are casual music fans, and a repeat doesn't mind them that much as long as it's an established big band. so far it definitely has the potential to sell better and faster than last year's festival.
  12. it really was a GREAT show, but I want new material, hard to get too excited for the same setlist they had in the last 10+ years.
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