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  1. it was approximately. as the total probably also accounts for the welcome party which had a significantly smaller crowd.
  2. official attendance 186k for the 4 days.
  3. by far the busiest day of the festival.
  4. i'm well in favour of varying the set a little bit, especially for the bands with a solid catalogue behind them. the national does this a lot in the current tour. for me it was a great set.
  5. well, dunno what happens there but they were amazing yesterday and the crowd was better responding compared to bon iver.
  6. can't wait to see him tomorrow.
  7. yes, the shuttle goes to plaza castilla. it is further away from my hostel than i initially thought. uber was about 10 euros from there to my hostel so it's definitely a better option (cheaper and no queues). bus ride is 15-20 minutes.
  8. vampire weekend went for an energetic set i enjoyed very much. they dropped almost every slow song from the set. tash sultana was also very good. the other performances haven't impressed me. no troubles whatsoever with organization, except that i didn't found the tap water places. spent almost no time on the secondary stages, except a bit at the end at the loop. the tent was pretty much deserted for charlotte de witte- surprising as she is pretty well rated. probably the clash with chemical brothers didn't help it. generally it looked pretty empty to me today, early performances had almost no crowd and it didn't get too crowded for the headliners either(people were very scattered after the sound tent in front of the main stage at bon iver). not sure what to make of it. it's a bit of an advantage for the festival goer, as the area is not that big, but I'm not sure if the festival can go on like this. probably the disaster of last year and the weaker line up contributed.
  9. she ultimately played, but it was a pretty dissapointing set.
  10. i think part of the reason it looks so well organized this year is the fact that they sold way less tickets. as of now it still looks pretty much deserted.
  11. the organization seems very much improved. it's early now but no issues encountered. came with no wristband and the queue was 10 minutes or so. the artificial turf rules and quite a few shadowed areas. the beer has to be almost 1 l, it's a very big glass. no complaints so far.
  12. i think there is an official uber station on the map.
  13. partially fixing the transport would have had a very easy solution: simply delay the schedule for an hour or add an extra hour for some stages and it would have been better for everyone: one hour less of sun would be also great in this heat.
  14. do i have to print it or showing on mobile would do? also, for anyone that comes to the party please report on drink prices/options
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