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  1. i think we will have events for sure in 2021, just not major festivals, but events that will employ heavy social distancing measures. there won't be everyone's cup of tea, but the whole industry needs this. major summer festivals are highly unlikely to happen in the foreseeable future in my opinion
  2. 21 pilots already confirmed for electric castle, so 99% they will be back.
  3. More tickets might become available later via refunds but it might be a very limited batch. I advise everyone that really wants to do the festival to buy asap.
  4. probably their management thinks that even in 2021 the indoor shows will still be a greater risk, so they will try to do outdoor ones. or they had contracts for 2021 festivals
  5. As usual, fans of this festival are defending their practices even when they don't really deserve it. The harsh reality is that the festival should have took place right now and they haven't offered any kind of compensation so far to the people that don't want/can't go in 2021. Not even going to 2022 is an option right now. They even deceived people into thinking that starting 4th june they will begin to process refunds. That is simply not true right now, as you just complete a useless form with no real consequence until August. How is this customer friendly, really? They should at least communicate this properly, if they don't have the funds and expect government compensations.
  6. I have to say that the refund thing is really scummy. They are trying to drag the process as much as possible to discourage people from going through it. How did the other spanish festivals handle this? They are blaming it on the government.
  7. they have delayed a lot the announcement, expecting some kind of government support. today, both electric castle and summer well have been officially cancelled. i don't think they were delivered some compensation from the state, but i doubt. i think the big events will live on, not sure about smaller/newer festivals. LE: untold/neversea were cancelled too so it seems like it was an agreement between event runners on when to announce this
  8. Even if they will have the country open, the bands won't tour. I wouldn't bet even on edm acts being there.
  9. Are you sure about this? You know, there are other reasons why someone gets a refund to a festival other than the line up: other holiday plans, they need the money for other stuff, family plans (like having a child or a wedding) . I still think the criticism for the lack of communication has been valid and trying to postpone the festival to August was amazingly stupid . I am also on a Facebook group with people trying to go to the Tokyo Summer Olympics and even for that event, where it's way more difficult to plan and get tickets for there are lots of people that will drop the event altogether because they have other plans for next summer or any other reason.
  10. not sure about gorillaz as they've been there soon, but tame impala should be there to be honest. it all depends if the other headliners come back (the strokes and FNM probably, there is some doubt on kendrick, SOAD and pearl jam)
  11. in my opininion all the headliners are already there (basically gorillaz replacing lana, fka twigs replacing kacey and tame impala being an upgrade from britanny howard). maybe a replacement TBA for PNL but that's it. probably if bigger the artists were meant to reschedule, they would have by now (so i don't expect lana and kacey coming back and it also makes sense for them having other plans for 2021 as they are Americans). i expect a lot of medium sized act to be announced but wouldn't expect other huge names to be dropped. a lot of the unannounced yet acts will probably be from 2020 edition too.
  12. don't get it. why would they announce this as the first thing? aren't people pissed off?
  13. will definitely request a refund as i seriously doubt that there will be a valid framework to organize big events in 2021 as well. however, as late as this announcement has come, at least they will also give away a few names for the fans asap.
  14. No festivals in Romania this summer according to the president. Saga Festival has been moved to September but I doubt it it will happen.
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