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  1. to be honest, i don't think it will be much more. same with mad cool.
  2. i think it's probably 90 or 95 % a complete line up, not much to come. but probably the best line up they had so far.
  3. it has been discussed in the past years, people on that forum always troll, not the best site to use for realistic or real hints.
  4. for me it's an awful line up, but it will probably sell well.
  5. i think they might sub muse tbh. or 3rd down...
  6. klub c had a pretty solid line up in the past years. also, even the slope had some established acts last year, including wolf alice for example.
  7. they should have kept some names from the last announcement for this one. this is extremely underwhelming.
  8. how is the prodigy bigger than the national in 2019?
  9. why would they have a separate announcement if they don't even sub?
  10. that sunday has to be the worst day in the recent history of the festival in term of big names. the other days have some quality, but it's pretty bad overall anyway.
  11. why is everyone so sure that we will get an announcement? where are the clues?
  12. i think that was it for now. clearly, they are waiting for something big in 2019, as they seem to have announced only 2 of the at least 4 headliners.
  13. wasn't that this year? i think they subheadlined a day? might be wrong. LE: i think it was a fake poster. don't think NiN will be touring next year, nothing announced yet.
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