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  1. Secret resales

    I can almost taste it. Keep positive and good luck !
  2. Secret resales

    Morning all, today is another day. Let's keep the faith and positivity !
  3. Radiohead Headlining 2017

  4. Secret resales

    mine's gone off a few times this morning on http://glastonbury.seetickets.com/event/glastonbury-2017/worthy-farm/1100001/
  5. Secret resales

    Is any body else using visual ping ?
  6. Secret resales

    i pressed proceed. It's not showing now anyway.
  7. Secret resales

    now it says the same for me. For a few seconds before it came up with the 'currently processing the maximum amount ..." page . This is torture
  8. Secret resales

    me too !
  9. Secret resales

    It's like groundhog day ... again
  10. Secret resales

  11. Secret resales

    this would do me
  12. Secret resales

    one can only hope
  13. Secret resales

    oh dear, mines definitely not working then.
  14. Secret resales

    which page ?
  15. Secret resales

    What page are people getting pings from ?

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