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  1. Glued some coloured strands into my hair, regretted it, then un-regretted it soon after. Cannot contain my excitement .
  2. I can almost taste it. Keep positive and good luck !
  3. Morning all, today is another day. Let's keep the faith and positivity !
  4. YOU GO GIRL !
  5. mine's gone off a few times this morning on http://glastonbury.seetickets.com/event/glastonbury-2017/worthy-farm/1100001/
  6. Is any body else using visual ping ?
  7. i pressed proceed. It's not showing now anyway.
  8. now it says the same for me. For a few seconds before it came up with the 'currently processing the maximum amount ..." page . This is torture
  9. me too !
  10. It's like groundhog day ... again
  11. CHAOS
  12. this would do me
  13. one can only hope
  14. oh dear, mines definitely not working then.
  15. which page ?