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  1. Glastonbury flu

    Hmmm it seems Glastonbury is hanging on!! On a serious note, is anyone still not feeling 100%? Definitely bit right here
  2. BBC Music to run nationwide "Glastonbury replacement" in 2018.

    Will avoid like the plague
  3. Chester Bennington

    Gutted... Not because I am a massive fan of LP but because it is so sad that someone so talented can be so unhappy. Rip Chester.
  4. Did anyone gain entry without their own ticket?

    Loving the stories guys, keep them coming
  5. Did anyone gain entry without their own ticket?

    Loving the stories guys
  6. Glastonbury Conspiracy theories

    The whole site is a social experiment ran by the government and is not run by and Eavis atall.
  7. Glastonbury flu

    Almost back to normal now. Still got a bit of a chesty cough.
  8. Glastonbury flu

    How we feeling? Lung butter has progressed to spitting out stage so getting toward the end. Almost a week of feeling shite
  9. Shangri-La 2017

    Was one of our favourite venues aswell.
  10. Tummy Bug ...anyone else ?

    Up in CV East we ree filling our containers from a split water point all week and on Sunday we went over and the tap we had been filling from had a big sign on it saying ' WARNING NOT DRINKING WATER'!!! Saw loads of ppl using it as drinking water and was no signage up until Sindsybtonsiggest otherwise.
  11. Glastonbury flu

    First day back at work today and no change... I slept all of three hours max and was coughing my guts up. Slept my break and a cheeky extra 15 minutes on front seats of van. Feel run down and tired, bad throat and chest. The dry cough has turned into proper dark green mucus now which means I have a few days to go. Not enjoying life one bit at the moment.... Roll on 2019
  12. Liver damage

    Cheers bud, think I will
  13. Which day do you prefer Wednesday or Sunday ?

    If they had not of absolutely drenched me before the climb up the hill of death, I think I may have died that day!
  14. Field Trip Festival

    Right on my door step, might check it out
  15. Kevin Bloody Wilson

    Ha yes and still going strong, just finished a big UK tour