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  1. I got through to the payment screen and it bombed me out. Gutted
  2. In all seriousness, when you are presented with the white screen of doom what should you do? Keep refreshing or move onto another already open web page?
  3. Any taxi company recommendations for picking up afterwards? I missed my first Glastonbury since 2003 this year because my daughter celebrated her first birthday on Glastonbury Friday. It was bittersweet and I missed Glastonbury incredibly. My birthday is 10th September so my wife had surprised me with a ticket to the gig and a local hotel nearby where she'll leave me to enjoy worthy farm. And I'm a huge Supergrass fan. We plan to venture to worthy farm so I can show my daughter the delights I burst into tears when she surprised me with the ticket. Cant wait!!!
  4. Thanks mate. We are having a day at the beach on Saturday too so the weekend will soon pass by! I hope you have a lovely weekend too!
  5. Cheers mate. If I miss out in October I'm going to look at volunteering. Hopefully a charity would let me volunteer on the Wedneday-Saturday thus allowing me to complete all of my shifts. I hope you are successful in 2020 and we can have a pint of cider somewhere lovely!
  6. I've told my Mrs that it's super family friendly. I've been every year since 2003. If she wont budge, fortunately next year is a leap year. Lucy's birthday would fall on a Sunday. So I'm going to go Wednesday-Saturday. And leave at midnight on Saturday. I'm in Birmingham so could be home for 3am ish.
  7. I'd love to mate but my mrs is dead against it. I would have done so this year had she said yes. My mates have all gone and my space in our ticket group wasnt taken up!
  8. Your right mate. You sound the same as me. Though I would love to share Glastonbury with my daughter.
  9. I feel like a bad person. I cant wait to celebrate her birthday tomorrow. I really wanted to take my daughter Lucy with me. We could have got tickets in our group. But my mrs said no! (Which has made me resent her this weekend. Especially when she said shes sick of me talking about Glastonbury already). I talk about it every day.
  10. My mate Ben text me to say he misses me already. I nearly cried. It's my daughters 1st birthday tomorrow what is wrong with me!!!
  11. My plan too. My best Glastonbury mate -whom I have been going with for 6 years is there. I've told him to keep me in the loop and send me pictures. I'm at home enjoying my daughters 1st birthday weekend. We have a family bbq tomorrow and I will have it on. We're out all day on Saturday for a day at the beach but will put it on when I'm home on Saturday night. I'm working Sunday night but will catch the close. Then it will be Monday before you know it!
  12. Stone_Love

    Resale Club 2019

    If it wasn't my daughters birthday I'd be well up for that.
  13. Stone_Love

    Resale Club 2019

    Where the hell is that mate?
  14. Stone_Love

    Resale Club 2019

    I'll get a ticket. I will volunteer If I have too and if I can find someone lovely that will let me have all of my shifts completed by Saturday.
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