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  1. I think the "Shhhh!" secret set at the Gas Tower on Sunday at 4am is Bjork, probably a DJ set of some kind.
  2. Love a good carrier bag.
  3. Nah never an issue, I've seen people take multiple trolleys with crates of beer taped to them, but is at the discretion of the driver I guess.
  4. Unlikely...they'll bring the carrier bags out of the rucksack and look through them but doubt they'd remove everything out of them. Mostly likely to be clothes anyway
  5. Important to put everything in carrier bags inside your rucksacks in case you do get searched IMO. easier to put 5 carrier bags back in than lots of loose t shirts, toiletries etc - also helps with organisation at the tent!
  6. I just asked whether we can queue before gates open and they said yes
  7. 5 out of 12 made it? There are 6 in the picture..
  8. Exclusives mean nothing if they are either secret and/or play afterwards.
  9. I've always been under the impression that car parks and gates open early, they just put an official time stamp on it to make sure everything is in place and try and ensure everyone doesn't arrive too early. I would imagine gates will open slightly earlier this year too in an attempt to get people through security faster.
  10. It's going to be annoying when we're all waiting for Arcade Fire and Coldplay walk out
  11. Don't worry, I'd die too!
  12. Maybe you should check the follow-up tweet
  13. I have this, it's quite small but perfect for a festival IMO. http://www.sportsdirect.com/karrimor-superlite-10-backpack-791170?colcode=79117003 It has a pouch inside for a hydration pack and a straw hole on the side. Mine is full of wine
  14. Aye, but they'd be winning even more if the unthinkable happened.
  15. You can, I'll be the one looking for shade!