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  1. @FitbitSupport hi, I've already seen this and tried these things but nothing is working.

  2. I'm running @great_run #Birmingham fundraising for @CureLeukaemia. Pls donate if you can! https://t.co/ZQWq1NzJAG RT https://t.co/Kb0pNJNLpT

  3. RT @counteract_co: Give @waveformsbrum a follow for some of the best local shows in Birmingham!

  4. @TazbioNUFC you lost to a relegation candidate, pipe down lad

  5. @GeorgeHadley_ justin Lee Collins lol

  6. Well I just saw Johnny Marr playing with @tlsp so your Sunday night was pretty rubbish https://t.co/qhY1TCpEhr

  7. .@neworder going off @glastofest https://t.co/8RnMBxid0g

  8. @ofkingsandcaps @counteract_co drop me an email with all the deets - Richard@counteract.co

  9. RT @counteract_co: People of #Birmingham: we're looking for some passionate writers to join our team. Fancy reviewing the hottest shows in…

  10. @Emily_Grayson @Danny_Broadbent are you not going either?

  11. Must go back to @RofutoTweets soon

  12. Bearwood banter https://t.co/on6x4Kr1By

  13. @SkyHelpTeam thanks, working now.

  14. RT @counteract_co: DON'T MISS! Fri 4 March @TheFlapperBrum: LIFE + Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam + LCKD! £4 tix: https://t.co/HXqk0RmplY https…

  15. Less than 40 tickets left for our show with @al_ohm @TheAssistBand @JumptheSharkUK @_RyanEvansUK at the O2 Institute https://t.co/mHaC4GViF8