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  1. Let’s hope so I have a holiday booked in the South of Spain end of June so fingers crossed
  2. My mate lives in Oropesa which is 9km from Beni and he tells me the coast is on short term “emergency status” because of issues in land they expect the coast to be busy with people trying to get away . Beaches are closed and only necessary journeys advisable . It’s early yet and this is initially a short term fix but shit is getting real !
  3. But Liam is happy to play Oasis tunes , Noel is not . Liam all the way for me though
  4. Whizzair flying into Castellon apparently
  5. Don’t know why i’m getting involved , can’t make this years anyway . Be interesting to see how it evolves though
  6. Answered my pm on FB ! More than they have done in recent years
  7. Already booked summer 2020 and it’s not the FiB !
  8. We get to Oropesa on the 13th , see you down the front
  9. No mate , already booked a family holiday . It’s 10 and out for me i’m afraid
  10. That crossed my mind too but trying not to get my hopes up regarding more names for the main stages !
  11. I keep swinging between , fuck it , it’s a party anyway and what the fuck have they done !!!!!!!!
  12. If we are to get anywhere near the number of acts in previous years we should expect about 50 names !
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