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  1. We get to Oropesa on the 13th , see you down the front
  2. No mate , already booked a family holiday . It’s 10 and out for me i’m afraid
  3. That crossed my mind too but trying not to get my hopes up regarding more names for the main stages !
  4. I keep swinging between , fuck it , it’s a party anyway and what the fuck have they done !!!!!!!!
  5. If we are to get anywhere near the number of acts in previous years we should expect about 50 names !
  6. Already looking forward to the blindness and incontinence ! Bring it on
  7. Lidl Vodka is little more than €4
  8. My thoughts exactly , my 10th and my last . If I could get my flight , apartment and ticket money back I would , in a heartbeat . But I can’t so fuck it , let’s get drunk in the sun and make the best of it we can , see you down the front , i’m guessing there will be plenty of room .
  9. No big dance name to shut the thing down yet ...
  10. We thinking the same so just checked and yes , splits today . There aren’t that many bands to “split” as yet so potential for them to drop more names today , it’s early so plenty of time , fingers crossed
  11. The train is cheap as mate I think it was €14 return last time I used it , make sure you book though
  12. I think IDLES might get naked and would love to see the K’s get named
  13. If you do need a taxi from Valencia to Beni , book it and confirm a price , got caught out once and I found out we paid double to what it should cost . Around €100 for a 4 seater cab
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