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  1. Ollie7490

    The 'Journey to Glastonbury 2017' thread.

    Living in Auckland as well, pretty central-ish. I had the same thing with Qatar. Think I may stick with the 17hr flight moving forward, found it relatively easy and found the planes to be more comfortable than others previously. Hard to complain for $1500 rtn.
  2. Ollie7490

    The 'Journey to Glastonbury 2017' thread.

    Another one from NZ. I left Auckland on Wednesday and arrived in London on Thursday morning. I don't like the fact I'm getting used to these 24+ hr journeys.
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    If I can see Radiohead, The National, Flaming Lips and Slowdive over the course of one weekend I will be very happy. The new albums is great as well, especially enjoy Slomo, a great way to open an album after 22 years.
  5. Ollie7490

    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Not in the slightest bit realistic but... 1. 2 + 2 = 5 2. Paranoid Android 3. Decks Dark 4. All I Need 5. Where I End and You Begin 6. Codex 7. Exit Music (For a Film) 8. Present Tense 9. A Punchup at a Wedding 10. Pyramid Song 11. You and Whose Army 12. Nude 13. There There 14. Weird Fishes 15. Life in a Glass House 16. Reckoner 17. How to Disappear Completely ----------------------------------------------- 18. Idioteque 19. Talk Show Host 20. The Tourist 21. Everything in its Right Place 22. Let Down 23. Motion Picture Soundtrack ------------------------------------------------ 24. Street Spirit 25. Karma Police
  6. Ollie7490

    The National

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    Dial M for Monkey from start to finish please
  8. Ollie7490

    The National

    I live in Auckland and saw them here, the next day I flew to Sydney for this gig. Was a very good gig but VCG at the end was especially great.
  9. Ollie7490

    Acts missing from line up?

    No Slowdive yet
  10. Ollie7490

    The National

    Not including ep's 1. Boxer 2. Alligator 3. Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers 4. Trouble Will Find Me 5. High Violet 6. The National