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  1. jimbo68

    Emily interview

    Iggy Pop other stage wasn't that the bring back the wispa banner invasion :-)
  2. On the Flip of that you had Liam subbing Depeche mode & Manics & Van Morrison subbing The Killers .
  3. Billy Joel is out as he has Just announced his only UK date for 2019 at Wembley Stadium.
  4. Hi, Is it best to disable VPN or keep it on for tomorrow tia.
  5. The Bongo players we saw all had entertainer wristbands so BT would have more sway with them more than the paying punter i would think, if normal punters then they will struggle to stop it at 10pm .
  6. Tickets go on sale Saturday 15th September, its in the post Bearded Theory released ( Bucko has posted it above ).
  7. In a separate post they have said The Bongo's will stop at 10pm in the tea pot taking on board the complaints from this year .
  8. Yep we went & thought Paul Simon was excellent, Have to disagree regarding James Taylor as we also thought he was excellent each to their own & that.
  9. Yeah Queuing was a mare to get in but it was 50th anniversary of the 1st festival not the 50th year it has been on as the festival was on 1968 - 1970 then restarted in a different incarnation in 2002 to now .
  10. We took our own water in to the main arena & security never question how many we took in, £500 Jeez it only cost us £360 total for two full weekend with camping tickets , car park ticket & ferry crossing for us both with car.
  11. Just as i thought, Many Thanks for confirming .
  12. Does anyone know if Flagpoles are allowed in campsites as they used to be but haven't been since 2015 & now notice they are on the prohibited list.
  13. Received our tickets for Olympic Stadium next Tuesday and they state entrance via turnstile L yet they only go up to K .
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