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  1. jimbo68

    Rolling Stones

    Received our tickets for Olympic Stadium next Tuesday and they state entrance via turnstile L yet they only go up to K .
  2. jimbo68

    Rolling Stones

    No as i got 2 general admission tickets for Olympic Stadium £89.95 each plus £10.50 bf.
  3. jimbo68

    Rolling Stones

    Got 2 general admission for Olympic park , happy days.
  4. jimbo68

    Rolling Stones

    The prices are on the London Stadium website .
  5. jimbo68

    Music on the Thursday

    There is normally music in the big top on thursday but not on main stage.
  6. jimbo68

    Bearded Theory 2018

    Wasn't the UK festival exclusive The Cult who pulled out due to their only other European show in Holland being cancelled, and from what Rich was saying last week they hadn't booked/ Signed the final headliner to replace The Cult yet but it was close.
  7. jimbo68


    No they are not permitted
  8. jimbo68

    Bearded Theory 2018

    I'n thinking Placebo, & Deacon Blue.
  9. jimbo68

    Bearded Theory 2018

    Rich at BT has already ruled out the Manics .
  10. jimbo68

    Latitude Festival 2017

    What has happened to all the small venues/ tents in the Faraway forest that had some great performing arts etc in them, last year they were scaled down & this year they were virtually non existent. Latitude seem to be going the same way as other festivals by replacing all the weird & wonderful with DJ's after hours.
  11. jimbo68

    Latitude Festival 2017

    We ordered ours last year from Ticketmaster & are still waiting for tickets to arrive, i rang ticketmaster yesterday afternoon & was told they haven't even printed them yet & to ring back in a few days Hmm .
  12. jimbo68


    Managed to meet Isaac & Laurie from The Slaves on Friday after their set at Bearded Theory Festival & they said they are opening Other Stage on Sunday.
  13. jimbo68

    Latitude Festival 2017

    Latitude's first announcement is usually beginning of March.