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  1. copped saturday and Sunday tickets so buzzing.
  2. Album Denzel Curry - TA1300 Song Shame - Lampoon Gig Strange Bones at 229 The Venue Festival 2000 Trees Favourite eFester @TheWaters finally got to meet for a great Reading and @justanothername sick times at Trees. Did you miss Glastonbury? never been Three wishes for Glastonbury 2019 to get a ticket to convince enough of my mates to come for them to get tickets Festivals lined up for 2019 None right now but probably 2000 Trees, probably Reading then maybe boomtown/glasto/anywhere with a good lineup
  3. Loving the new Ski Mask album the Earl album sounded decent but nothing standout I'm listening through the 1975 album now and this could be their first project that I actually like the new ho99o9 ep bangs.
  4. just cba for Posty to take a massive slot but happy w that.
  5. could have had a fat lie in this morning but of course I'm awake for this
  6. playing and singing for 4 hours straight fucking fair enough mate
  7. I've normally found there to be quite a nice mix of people and ages, but then the other night I did find there to be a fair few people who moshed and danced more like football hooligans than music fans. Guess those kind of people also fit your Liam Gallagher description? It's not a bad place though and the crowds are normally a nice mix, for a new club in a city with next to no scene it's doing alright.
  8. Was at Heartbreakers the other night for The Blinders, some serious sound issues and pretty sure I've had that happen before there, couldn't seem to get the balance right and kept maxing out. Shame because its a really cool venue, may become my favourite in the area if they sort the sound. Will check that out though, think I'm free Saturday night. moving on, the new HMLTD track is seriously reminding me of Confidence Man. Not sure about it yet though, enjoyed death drive but need to give this one a few more listens.
  9. Loving the new Architects, was mad to hear them on radio 1 daytime the other day. Felt that it was kind of important. Just been scrolling through spotify, how the fuck does Panic! at the disco have a million more monthly listeners than Twenty One Pilots? I would have thought that TOP would be far bigger
  10. in love with the new basement album.
  11. debating putting serious money on kenny...
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