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  1. Where are you seeing this post ? Can't tell if I'm missing something really obvious or if this required any digging
  2. Well my hobo johnson ticket for a UK show just before Mc has been cancelled so I would imagine his europe tour is cancelled. Wouldnt expect an update from mad cool if it is the case 🤣
  3. Kendrick doing Glastonbury could mean other Europe festivals?
  4. Hellfest just announced their lineup replacements and said their FNM replacement can't be announced till April , so could potentially be the same for Mad Cool ? Not sure who this would be though, any ideas ?
  5. Considering she's announced the rest of her Europe dates were announced a little while back , what reason would they have to hold off the Mad Cool show? I can understand holding off Glastonbury because she has a huge UK tour around the time also but I see nothing for Spain ? I guess unless they're planning to announce with alongside another artist who is delaying it?
  6. Yes , probably will be announced when they finally get to saying the last chunk of bands. I know people who have done refunds so they'll probably just wait to see how many they have to release.
  7. So now that RHCP have announced a global tour starting in June (presumably Europe) with US dates from sometime in July, is it possible they could get re-added in the Saturday slot they were scheduled for ? Seems like a possibility that they couldn't re-announce it as they might want it to coincide with an album release ? No dates announced yet so I could be clutching at straws a bit here. If not, it will just be some stadium shows around the time I guess.
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