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  1. Has anyone received the confirmation mail from Seetickets informing that the ticket was dispatched?
  2. Does anyone also received this mail?
  3. Palco comedia and palco coreto fully announced, as well as some acts on WTF clubbing and Heineken stages https://www.instagram.com/p/CeQtV5_qoms https://nosalive.com/en/new-confirmations-nos-alive-2022/
  4. Does Anyone know how much is the cost of a cab to travel from the airport to Pullman or Novotel campo de las naciones hotel (IFEMA area)? The hotels are close to the airport, so I do not know if it is better to take a taxi or the metro to arrive there
  5. Hobo Johnson cancelled his entire tour
  6. I go only for the fifth day, as the previous ones I will go to Nos Alive. Bought the ticket for Sunday in November and in my personal MC area it is shown that I will receive the bracelet to attend; so I had to fill the form with my address for the shipping
  7. They shall announce the whole Fado and Comèdia stages as well as the remaining names of WTF clubbing, Heineken and Nos stages
  8. How much is the fare of a taxi run from the airport to the Belèm area?
  9. Thanks, now I have booked an Airbnb near the tower of Belèm, so once arrived to the airport I plan to take the metro. The issue is that the closest station is Cais do Sodrè, so I should take a taxi from there to arrive to the apartment; but is more convenient to go to Cais do Sodrè by metro and then take the cab or directly take the taxi at the airport and go to the apartment?
  10. Hello, this is the first year that I go to Nos Alive, and I’ve purchased the 4 days pass. I have a question regarding the festival admittance: can I leave and re-enter inside the festival ground on the same day? And, regarding the payment service, is it cashless or by cash?
  11. In the MC thread they are talking about the last headliner for nos alive and the last ones for MC arguing that one of them should be a band usually touring with alt j, but I doubt that can be true
  12. Muse usually do not do multiple concerts in a row. If they have to play at nos alive they will have to do 3 concerts in 3 days, so it is almost impossible that they will be the last headliner. Look at their last tour: very rare that they play 2 days in a row, so 3 is just impossible https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simulation_Theory_World_Tour
  13. https://www.ticketmaster.it/artist/red-hot-chili-peppers-biglietti/244 interestingly for Ticketmaster rhcp will play nos alive 2022 😂 But also on Facebook nos alive replied to a follower informing him that they will not be there
  14. Probably the last headliner will be a joint announcement with mad cool (they have 3 headliners TBA). I doubt muse will play because otherwise they easily can be just announced as they were confirmed for mad cool over 1 month ago
  15. https://echoboomer.pt/angel-olsen-no-nos-alive-2022/ Angel Olsen confirmed according to this newspaper
  16. You are taliking about a much bigger festival (RIR), but regarding Nos Alive, with just Imagine Dragons, FNM, 2DCC and Da Weasel filling the Mainstage, it is impossible that Muse can headline Saturday
  17. Hope The Strokes will be announced 🤞🏻
  18. except The Strokes and Da Weasel 👆
  19. Third name of the loop on Friday should be Dax J
  20. None. He cannot be a headliner and is just set to play in Valencia at Big Sound on the same dates
  21. Second name for the loop on Thursday is Floating Points
  22. The first headliner on Friday can also be KORN and not Muse (should have a sense if another headliner are Metallica). They will tour Europe next year.
  23. https://www.instagram.com/p/CPV4NHelQuu Billie Eilish just announced the 2022 tour today and in July she will be in Europe, so for sure she will headline MC
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