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  1. Yeah this is exactly right. I wonder whether they'll recognise this as an issue and withhold on the cheap tickets?
  2. They really are taking their time aren't they. Do we even have an inkling of when the next announcement is going to be?! They're leaving it so late for a May festival!
  3. Does this festival usually sell out? I may have a wedding over the weekend so can't really commit to it yet.
  4. Snerrick

    Other Stage 2020

    Exactly my experience too. I've seen them three times now and Glastonbury 2017 was by far the worst of the lot.
  5. Snerrick

    Other Stage 2020

    There's a debate being had on the other thread that maybe it's just a bit of duplicitious marketing and that MA aren't actually an exclusive FYI.
  6. Snerrick

    The National

    I bought three tickets with a couple of mates who will 100% sell their tickets if The National get announced for APE/Glastonbury. I'm sure there's plenty of other people out there in a similar boat, so people should be grand if they really want to go.
  7. Snerrick

    The National

    It's pretty easy to just get a friend's O2 Priority access if you know anybody on O2. I'm sure if you sent a message or two to some WhatsApp groups a friend would pop up who happened to be on O2. All you need then is their number and the code that O2 text to them. One for next time!
  8. Has anybody been to this before? Wondering what sort of price we'd be looking at..
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