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  1. Worse for me. Extreme opinions rise to the surface on the internet and in this situation it's difficult to be extremely positive, but very easy to be extremely negative. There's then a neverending feedback loop of doom; see thread.
  2. How do we interpret these numbers? As expected, better, worse?
  3. I have a trip to Malaga from London booked for Saturday. Do you think we ought to think about cancelling?
  4. Just bit the bullet and went for it. Wish me luck
  5. I certainly fall into that category! Still not sure I'll bother buying a ticket in advance though considering the last few years...
  6. Snerrick

    The Who?

    Just seen that The Who are doing a little tour this spring that finishes mid-May. Any chance they might make an appearance on the farm seeing as they're active?
  7. Nout, but have it we have.
  8. I haven't either. Where would people rate The Temple in terms of stages one must make it to?
  9. Yeah this is exactly right. I wonder whether they'll recognise this as an issue and withhold on the cheap tickets?
  10. They really are taking their time aren't they. Do we even have an inkling of when the next announcement is going to be?! They're leaving it so late for a May festival!
  11. Does this festival usually sell out? I may have a wedding over the weekend so can't really commit to it yet.
  12. Snerrick

    Other Stage 2020

    Exactly my experience too. I've seen them three times now and Glastonbury 2017 was by far the worst of the lot.
  13. Snerrick

    Other Stage 2020

    There's a debate being had on the other thread that maybe it's just a bit of duplicitious marketing and that MA aren't actually an exclusive FYI.
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