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  1. anyone know where I can watch this? No longer on player
  2. Thanks my friend, will send you a note shortly. Hope you’re enjoying some sunshine, it’s freezing in London.
  3. Hope you’re having a good holiday! Please could I take those two extra spaces in your group for Sunday? There’s only two of us but in the countryside with very patchy WiFi on Sunday morning.Thanks so much.
  4. Bunbow

    The 2019 Food Thread

    Does anyone know if Porridgesaurus will be there this year?
  5. Bunbow

    Wednesday ETA

    We'll be arriving at Castle Cary around 11am on Wednesday - when is a realistic ETA on to the site?
  6. Less than three weeks to go... where will you be camping, and why?
  7. Bunbow

    Wednesday Arrival

    I was worried that Dairy was a bit too quiet for us too - Paines is a good call!
  8. Bunbow

    Wednesday Arrival

    Getting the train from London then shuttle from Castle Cary so I'm hoping it won't be as far to walk...
  9. Bunbow

    Wednesday Arrival

    Thanks everyone! Looks like we'll aim for Park Home but have a very solid back up option with Dairy Ground. What's the atmosphere like in these camps? Sorry for all the questions - can you tell I'm excited?!
  10. Bunbow

    Wednesday Arrival

    Hello all, in need of advice from more experienced Glasto goers than I! Will be arriving at Gate A around 1pm on Wednesday. Would it be too optimistic to hope for a space in Park Home/ Dairy Ground (ideally on higher ground)? We have a large 4-man tent. Hoping we won't have left it too late! Thanks everyone!
  11. Bunbow

    Where to camp?

    First time visitor here. Where do you all camp and why? Would also welcome any recommendations - mainly interested in SE corner, West Holts, Silver Hayes (and most importantly), Green Fields. Preferably a bit of slope/ hill, with a buzzy atmosphere but not toooo crazy (no longer an 18 year old, as much as I try to convince myself otherwise - comfort is key!). We have a pretty large tent, too, so where would still have space around 1pm on Wednesday? Thanks happy campers! Not long to go now ?
  12. Bunbow

    Vegan Traders

    Thanks all! Any recommendations?
  13. Bunbow

    Vegan Traders

    Anyone know which vegan food traders have confirmed for this year? Thanks ?
  14. Bunbow

    Wednesday Arrival

    Morning all. Our train gets in to Castle Cary at 11am on the Wednesday... are we doomed to wait a very long time for shuttle/ entry? Unfortunately we're unable to leave any earlier this year so booked the first train we could get.
  15. Hello Glastonbury friends! Would be grateful for some breakfast-based guidance. I'm not a fan of a heavy breakfast and most options seem to be savoury/ cooked, especially vegan options. Which stalls have something lighter, more like muesli, oats, fruit etc.? Thank you in advance ?
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