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  1. hi apologies - i have been off for a whilke - i am here and ready to go
  2. i got my pre glastonbury anxiety dreams last night. usually come the week before the actual festival. examples; - getting there and losing my ability to walk - being there and only having one eye open I DONT EVEN HAVE A TICKET haha. come on the resale!!!
  3. even though im ticketless i agree.. HAPPY BALANCE PAYMENT WEEK ALL. ITS FINALLY HAPPENING!!
  4. okay i'm caught up, thanks @vintagelaureate - hero amongst the people.
  5. hey sorry, i have been out of this. need to get right involved. is the spreadsheet up? LETS GOOOOO
  6. im ready to bleed for this haha
  7. i managed to have a a whole conversation with myself over the space of a year. one day she will read hopefully, and we'll laugh about it while shes giving me a tour backstage because of our new found friendship
  8. i asked her that quite often in her dms during my attempt to bribe her with my dancemoves last year. unfortunately she is yet to respond to to me
  9. that first and last word...ive never seen it before? is it English? im not even sure how to pronounce it.
  10. i think one of the stage crew is his doppelganger, hired to just pop up on every 5th set. maybe even a team of doppelgangers
  11. Payday - Time to pre order a book
  12. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/oct/24/coldplay-use-classified-ads-in-local-papers-to-reveal-new-album-tracks just in time for chris to take the pyramid stage again haha
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