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  1. Very intrigued to see how Madrid ends up selling. Hope you have a blast (two weekends in Barcelona almost killed me, can’t imagine doing one in Madrid!)
  2. Yeah we have been back and forth a lot but it’s looking like this will definitely be the last one for me (been a good stretch since ‘09). Going as my stag do so that’s what has swung it along with the fact that most of the issues from W1 were a lot more smoothed out by W2. Hoping for another good lineup and a little less chaotic organisation.
  3. Tickets are up for earlybirds if you go through the app. Just got mine.
  4. That is true but I specifically meant him doubling down on this: "But the festival wasn’t oversold. There is a limit to how many people can attend and we didn’t pass that."
  5. I wasn't expecting solutions to all of the problems that this year presented but it would have been nice to know what kind of things they are thinking of changing to make water access better, improve movement around the site etc. Seems like this Q&A was really just an acknowledgement of the problems so I'm somewhat optimistic they will work on improving those aspects but we won't hear for a while. They certainly won't be upping the capacity again this year (without some sort of drastic overhaul) but I wouldn't bet on them reducing it either. Gabi's responses in particular sound like he saw no crowding problems this year at all, which is a little worrying as it was fairly obviously too busy at some places.
  6. Goddamit do I really need to be here for another whole year of hype? yes I do
  7. Managed to get through the whole night and see Danny L Harles set till the sun came up this morning but after the last 10 (!?) days of music I’m done in. Just gonna casually check out The Weather Station and Arooj Aftab today and then I’m retiring to the hotel for a couple of days of rooftop pool and juice cleansing.
  8. So glad I got a place within walking distance this year. Queues for every type of public transport seem insane. You all have my best of luck for the last two nights
  9. Had an absolutely banging time tonight. Saw Ride, Slowdive, Duma, Gabber Modus Operandi and Bicep. Everything felt very chill until all the coked up brits arrived for Bicep and I decided to get out of the crowd and back to the steps. Generally much more chill vibe than last weekend but feel that’s probably due to everyone being over at Mordor. However still far too many people in the site generally. Getting out was harder than it ever has been in previous years. Crushes feel worse than before at any pinch point and I swear there is more vomiting than I have ever seen before? Anyway I have concluded I am done with the festival, gonna make the most of my last couple of days but the spark is clearly gone. For those saying there are bigger crowds at other festivals that’s the point, Primavera used to be different to other festivals so it feels weird to us all now it’s so huge. Finally apologies to the people I blinded with my phone light in Duma. Genuinely had no idea it was on when I pulled it out of my pocket and felt like a real dumbass when someone pointed it out.
  10. We had two dice tickets on one phone for Poble Espanyol on weds and it was fine
  11. Absolutely loved my day of Dreamcatcher - Slowthai - Caroline Polachek (the best vocal performance I have ever seen) and Idles. Sadly I had to leave my most wanted act Beach House as the crowd was just way too big and people kept piling in around us and both me, my partner and my friend got very anxious about the crowding problems seen the other day at SVE. A sad way to end an otherwise salvageable weekend.
  12. So I absolutely loved the music I saw yesterday, Sadly though I must mirror everyone else’s complaints. It’s oversold, that’s the main problem and I can’t see a way they can resolve it. I had planned on this being my last Primavera as I am feeling very old. A couple of weeks ago my friends convinced me to go again next year as my stag-do and my last hurrah. It was a very sweet suggestion as they know how much I love it at Primavera but unfortunately today I will be cancelling that plan with them because I just can’t abide by the direction this festival has gone. I’m hoping the drinks situation can get better the next couple of nights and I look forward to seeing more of my favourite bands but the vibe is definitely off and the crowding is too much. Wish it could be like ‘09 again but oh well.
  13. Am I the only one who didn’t really like Rina? Love her recorded output but this just fell a bit flat for me. Teto Preto were my highlight and I thought Wet Leg were great too. The Linda Linda’s were pretty much the best way to start the festival, especially as we were some of the first people in the Poble Espanyol so were all set up with a nice spot, some hot dogs and a bunch of drinks. A great night.
  14. Literally just got back from the beach with these exact items. It was awesome. It’s lovely over here guys, we are gonna have the best 2 weeks!
  15. No we didn’t, the queue for luggage was pretty mad though.
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