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  1. Went in the other year one the Saturday to premium. Not worth the money in the slightest. Save the money 100%.
  2. No where near 30 mins. 10 mins and straight outside spoons for a beer or 2 or straight into festival. On an evening campsite is fine, quite chilled but people still up. I wouldnt say it's lively but depends what you want. We go 8 of us in 20s and find it absolutley spot on.
  3. Someone is surely missing from Saturday?
  4. Sure strongbow tent is going strong after last act. Not sure what time though by that time I'm in need of getting in tent zzzzzz. Never been in centre afterward just usually go to bed or have a few back at tent.
  5. Agreed, all about the undercard. Just booked the Saturday for a day session with some mates. We will probably by 9.30pm be on our arse... so doesn’t matter who headlines.
  6. I'm a massive roses fan, but Ian Brown headlining is a massive downgrade from 2019 headliners and he's abysmal, however each to their own like anything as that's only my opinion. Tramlines this year will be about the other acts, some fantastic up and coming artists knocking around festival circuit alongside some good solid established acts. Have a look at victorious and kendal calling, solid line ups and I imagine some good acts shared. Either way will be a brilliant weekend regardless of the headliner which is one act out of a good 10. If we even get to the festival after all this shit, put m
  7. We travel by car from just outside Sheffield. We camp, works out cheap to be fair.
  8. I camp every year, we come down from SYorks. Shuttle is great, never have any issues its regular too. Camping is clean and not rowdy at all. Everyone's friendly.
  9. Didn't jbarbour say apart from one headliner, the castle stage had changed. Kooks are same therefore potentially someone new.
  10. I'll be hopefully sacking streets off for ashcroft. Love his music.
  11. For me that lineup is brilliant. What a lineup! Wonder who Sunday castle headliner is. Either way I'll be at Royal Blood, csnt see much swaying me.
  12. From whats listed there its an absolute cracking lineup.
  13. Fingers crossed for you. I may catch them at our local fest tramlines on the Saturday, or kendal if they are announced again.
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