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  1. Could be case of looking at someone of similar demographic for Friday then. James or ashcroft does fit.
  2. That's a great shout too. Imagine. Probably my favourite band. Never know, they've done truck and tramlines before.... if I'm right they tend to recycle every year the acts they use.
  3. Yeah, had a look at Leeds lineup and Reading, no chance of thst one, maybe next year. For me any of those would be good. I imagine belting bittersweet symphony out with lads hammered would be my preferred choice though.
  4. James would be brilliant. Seen them a few times now, last time at kendal calling in the afternoon. Foals would be brilliant also. 2 great shouts. Catfish are at Leeds and Reading, can't remember which one they are at or if they clash with victorious, another good band too.
  5. "I will NEVER sing to a crowd who must be vaccinated as a condition of attendance. NEVER EVER!" "To all festival promoters: Please do not collaborate with SAGE/ GOVT re vaccine passports for entry. Dont help to usher in the new nazi normal" Couple more over last 2 days. His opinion, free speech and all that but not one I would personally support haha.
  6. I'm hoping for the above too. Would be nice to put Richard Ashcroft in place of Ian brown, new material on its way I believe too.
  7. Anyone got any lineup predictions, saw that tweet by Ian Brown which wasn't brilliant.
  8. It was, don’t imagine it’s going to change much at all. Never know headliners may not change at all. Could change brown for me, saw roses at Wembley couple years ago and he’s done haha. Nontheless screamin I wanna be adored top of my lungs hammered after all this shit is appealing.
  9. Completely agree Sisco, I am very optimistic. I would be surprised if it didn’t now. My fingers are crossed.
  10. You rolling your ticket over? Definitely rolling mine over to next year. Hopefully keep majority of line up.
  11. Anyone heard of any incoming announcement for this? I cannot see this going ahead, I mean I might be wrong. I’d be happy to move my ticket forward to Next year. Was an absolutely blinding lineup, be sad to see it change.
  12. Yeah last two year I've done 50/50 a few time and easy to get about.
  13. I never get anything right. Must say manics have made the lineup 100 percent solid now. Dead chuffed, hoping for some cracking weather for the weekend camping.
  14. A very good guess, its manics
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