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  1. Have a great one. Hope everyone on here has a quality weekend. If your camping you probably won’t miss the bucket hat and shades 😎 hiding the hang over.
  2. Feeder, kooks, madness, Lathums, Blossoms, rag n bone, fratellis, frank Turner, snuts, glasvegas, miles Kane, supergrass, royal blood and a few new ones, if that’s my weekend I could be a hell of a lot worse off. Hope you all have a great time 👍
  3. I think they’ve dropped a bollock with this. I think they will hold out to ensure they don’t have a tramlines scenario on their hands.... Refunds like someone said earlier.... I don’t think they have faith in who they’ve booked to sell the tickets hence people would seek refunds even more. At least pockets stay lined. What it’s doing is forcing a lot of people trying to flog their tickets so at least they keep the sale if they don’t have to go through a refunds process over Ashcroft. He’s well and truly balls it up. Could be a very empty Saturday. How well has it actually sold this year overall? I don’t remember it ever selling out but there’s so many desperate people that want a festival you’d think it wouldn’t be far off selling out.
  4. Bit underwhelmed at minute, I want these so I can plan out who I’m going to see, get listening do the playlists and just look forward to it.
  5. The amount of people trying to flog their Saturday tickets via Facebook and twickets ect. I genuinely think they can’t find anybody to replace of same size as Ashcroft. Don’t know how they are going to do it.
  6. Yeah it is. There was this issue at tramlines, they announced supergrass fairly quickly and gave a few refunds I believe or offered to those who didn’t want to go who had only booked for Ashcroft. They just need to hurry up now. I reckon a lot of people are holding back buying tickets just because of this...
  7. Think they are just starting to take the piss. This isn’t shortly is it really? I get how hard it must be for festivals at the moment but we’re going on 10 days.
  8. Hope it don’t change too much, they said shortly and it’s been a week. To me that speaks potential the odd big change (I am probably wrong just pessimistic until I walk into those fields), making me nervous. Hope whatever were waiting on is worth it.
  9. Tickets arrived with site map. Site map already looks better, added extra bars at both common and castle !!! Took them long enough castle been a pain in the arse for a beer for last few year.
  10. Scottish gig by looks of Tim’s recent tweet.
  11. I’d take any of phonics, bbc or dizzee. At Tramlines Dizzee was hands down the stand out all weekend and it’s far from my kind of thing. He was that good I felt sorry for supergrass having to follow his set and headline, as the crowd were massively underwhelmed. I was shocked by him.
  12. Would like: Foals, Bombay (both playing APE the Monday so there’s a chance, phonics (not a prayer) courteeners or libertines and I will always say LG (more chance me winning lottery). would not like: manics (but it would do) and James. Last time I saw James it was absolutley dog shit, I’ve seen a fair few times and normally brilliant but last couple gone down hill abit in my opinion. Each to their own though isn’t it! Personally it would be nice for something new that hasn’t been there before.
  13. Camping is a two minute walk from car to gate. Quick que in takes about 2-5 minutes. Plenty of pitching space, very friendly and clean. Facilities decent, showers are good if you fancy it after a night on the ale feeling rough and need a kickstart. Quick walk round to Sainsbury’s and the shuttle service is great, they say you can’t drink on the bus so we just go upstairs and crack a beer it’s usually fine and no one says anything. in terms of partying after the bands the strongbow tent is good and Portsmouth centre. However, in the campsite the demographic even in 18+ area is anything from 25 to 60s, people come back and get a good nights kip. People get a bit pissy if your making a load of noise. A lot of people get the bus straight back and get some kip and recharge. Hope this helps.
  14. I imagine manics will be back on the cards, if not I couldn’t guess.
  15. Agreed. Enjoy the festival for all it’s worth. Test after.
  16. I went to Tramlines and if I’m honest it felt like a box ticking exercise. I know a fair amount of people who tested positive after that festival and I haven’t heard of any texts going out. From experience it’s all abit of a joke and nothing to even worry about anymore. Tramlines my Covid entry I could’ve shown anything they just glanced I didn’t even stop I just walked through. Spent more time checking for contraband. track and trace sent no texts, it literally seems like a box ticking exercise as they know they can’t stop the spread in there. My friend came down with Covid double vaccinated too the Sunday morning after getting in from that festival. Bet she spread it on to loads people sadly. It feels like a way of just complying with public health and then once the events running its business as usual. If you’ve had both vaccines you won’t need to isolate if pinged anyway in a couple week so be right.
  17. Track and trace email out this evening, get tickets next Friday. All happening now and I would reckon Ashcroft by now would have surely pulled out knowing he’s being advertised for this by now. It would be very shit to do a fast one 2 week or a week before.
  18. I’m not getting into the LFT debate, either way I’ll do one for the sake of it there about as accurate as me directing piss into a bucket from 100m away... I’ve done some digging, a COVID passport that shows immunity for 180 days will be provided or email proving positive testing will be satisfactory at all trial events so if this helps anyone... Also tramlines have emailed me saying keep proof of positive testing 👍
  19. You can’t do lateral flow for 90 days after being COVID positive.
  20. Anyone seen anything on entry requirements regarding those with immunity? I may have missed it, I am currently COVID positive and come out of isolation Friday this week. I don’t have second vaccine and can’t do lateral flow (absolute shite I did 4 all negative) so will I need my positive confirmation? I’ve emailed tramlines but they never replied.
  21. So much negativity, sick of the naysayers putting an opinion on everything and bringing the mood down. Victorious is happening this year as far as we know. Cannot wait for it, it will be an amazing weekend hope you all enjoy it and have a good blowout ... Im interested to see what measures they put in place as I know some of us will test positive, I’m coVid positive right now so won’t be able to do a lateral flow and will have only had second vaccine week before. Hopefully immunity for us as a passport may be given (180 days nhs says)? Worth thinking about with case rates on the up.
  22. Think we're going to be good with this one. I'm fairly confident.
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