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  1. You rolling your ticket over? Definitely rolling mine over to next year. Hopefully keep majority of line up.
  2. Anyone heard of any incoming announcement for this? I cannot see this going ahead, I mean I might be wrong. I’d be happy to move my ticket forward to Next year. Was an absolutely blinding lineup, be sad to see it change.
  3. Yeah last two year I've done 50/50 a few time and easy to get about.
  4. I never get anything right. Must say manics have made the lineup 100 percent solid now. Dead chuffed, hoping for some cracking weather for the weekend camping.
  5. A very good guess, its manics
  6. True I agree. I'd rather have someone like Ashcroft myself.
  7. Sure they would be on main over streets? I wouldn't complain though if it was catfish.
  8. Do latitude share any with victorious ever, was looking at him? Just a random one
  9. Wondering whether someone will drop another bombshell like the leak
  10. Oh right, still might not be maniacs though they were there not long ago.
  11. Am I missing something haha
  12. Are they on any of the other festival line ups weve seen so far this year?
  13. Surely be castle wont it. It's what they normally do. I'm quite intrigued because I'm not 100% going for streets.
  14. I reckon we wont get much more than those two for the main stages. I reckon rest will be the smaller stages. I just want to know who's on castle Saturday now. I know people have said editors so be good to just get it confirmed.
  15. When we reckoning we might get the castle headliner?
  16. Tickets purchased, dead excited.
  17. I'm just wishing this was the case.
  18. Yeah I can’t remember when but way in advance.
  19. Easy. No problem what so ever.
  20. No editors on anywhere at any festival. I just think makes sense that Ashcroft would be held back due to ynot and then released end month. Victorious is a good steady festival, quite refreshing and different after going Glastonbury every year.
  21. I know editors are looking like the saturday castle but could Ashcroft be a potential one with the slot at ynot? Maybe wait until ynot announce him first?
  22. Sounds pretty good that, just bought blossoms new album so those back to back would suit me nicely
  23. That would be immense love editors. I was hoping courteeners (indie plus don’t think there backing is as big down south ....) but probably headliner at common material more now. Who knows
  24. Was thinking that Saturday castle headliner slot who could be on there... anyone got any thoughts?
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