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  1. Or the fact that it's hard to get such tours insured in a way that's not too risky for the band. Although the chance probably is smaller when summer comes, it's too risky to deal with the financial impact of concerts getting cancelled because of crew or artists in quarantine and/or different countries sudden changes in policies and restrictions. I also think we will see more cancellations especially from bands from other continents that plan on starting those tours early summer/spring, but I hope I'm wrong..
  2. I always create a playlist of all bands which I continue to update as time goes based on likes/dislikes. A great way to discover new bands and not at least too know some songs before seeing them live. That combined with colouring codes in Clashfinder, makes an Excel-fan really happy 😛
  3. At least I know which day I'm gonna be hammered and not mind the music too much..., so RW at least should manage to bring me some sun on Saturday 😉 Must say this was really underwhelming, although a few bands that had potential after the first listening. Out of 64 names, it's really only Gang of Youths, The Last Internationale and Jimmy Eat World that slightly made me happy. I managed to drag a group og 10+ people with me this year, and I might have done some overselling when this is the final turnout. Luckily it started quite well, so it's not a complete plane crash, but I doubt that this will be the final version. I still suspect that more major bands will pull out, despite Europe opening up, and if all of them are going to be replaced by the likes of Anne-Marie, this can be a heavy turn.. Anyway... I guess we should be happy if we even can get a festival, even though it might be value for money as before... Let's just hope that it's because of the pandemic, and not RW entering a complete identity crisis..
  4. We won't.. Can't guarantee for Pfizer doing it again (and again) though.. 😉
  5. If you feel like standing out like a sore thumb, we'll give you guys "shelter" as we're 10+ in our +40's. It will be my first festival in my 40's, but I've never had that feeling at RW before at least, which is also one of the reasons why I like it.
  6. Right now that's probably true in terms of level of popularity, but I doubt that GvF was that popular almost three years ago. They were quite new and unknown in most parts of the world as far as I remember, so my point was rather that giving BC a higher spot this year (given all uncertainty for artists from other continents), can't be more "controversial" than GvF. In general though, I'm wary of using SoMe or Spotify numbers as an indication of audience attractivenes, as newer artist often use that to a much larger degree, but also might have arised from it. For instance does Bruce Springsteen have almost the same number of IG-followers as GvF and 171k views on his last YouTube-video, but I'm still quite sure he would sell more tickets..
  7. Biffy would have been great, but as far as I've understood from previous discussions, they demand too much considering their popularity in Belgium. Hope RW reconsider though, given that they are European and I'm sure they can't be less popular than Greta van Fleet was as a second head last year.
  8. Madrugada would be awsome, but I will be very pleasantly surprised if they are a band on their list...
  9. As of right now... It's getting closer to you as well, and capasity at Raptors-games in NBA are now limited to 1000, so we'll see.. I think the FoxNews-forums are a better place for you though, as I can't really see how you wish to contribute here. This is a European festival forum and if Europe is annoying you so much, I'm sure there are something for you in the US..
  10. Correct. When you consider all the guidlines, restrictions and regulations that bands have to operate under now, it's very risky. You also need staff, so if your band/production crew or other associated suddenly have to self isolate for 10 days, how are you going to carry out a line of concerts? Also as far as I know, in the US (and probably also in Europe), the insurance won't cover shutdowns. Therefore the financial risks of carrying out a tour is huge, and especially for the bigger bands with big productions and world tours. Unfortunately I would therefore expect more cancellations and I don't think RW will be unaffected... I still believe that it will be possible to arrange live concerts during the summer unless we get even further through the greek alphabet, but I doubt it will be with many major US headliner. Especially not those that are part of a larger tour and/or have big productions.
  11. I doubt there is any planning after today at least, but I won't speak for anyone else. As far as I know the tour is postponed for 2023, and I count the source as very realiable.
  12. Cancelled/postponed, it's off any way. Not sure about the US-part, but I guess that's where it started. Will try to rescehdule for 2023.
  13. Springsteens Euro-tour cancelled because of Omicron... A bit premature if you ask me, but a sign that it will be more to come from other american artists?
  14. Sorry, but the ID-bullet is heading your way...
  15. Let's hope for some news on Monday then... Maybe getting the last headliner in place, will make room for some other announcements as well. Is a fifth day still in play so we can get two headliners or is that ruled out?
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