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  1. But not very surprising given the circumstances unfortunately...
  2. I just know one date in the second week of June (which isn't in a capitol), but I'm assuming other Scandinavian dates will be positioned around this. Announcement planned within the next weeks, unless recent Omicron-events change that.
  3. I read wrong, thought it said 40 . 20 is probably to small yes.
  4. About the same as he will play here, so not impossible.
  5. He will be playing Scandinavia in the beginning of June, so not impossible. Tour announcement is probably imminent.
  6. Twin Atlantic, Supergrass, Joan As A Police Woman, Sports Team, Shame and The Milk Carton Kids to a festival in Norway two weeks before Werchter. I'd at least take the two first ones to RW. Normally they've had quite a few acts overlapping with RW. Biffy Clyro, Grace Jones, Robyn, Michael Kiwanuka, Gary Clark Jr., Inhaler, Passenger, Rhys Lewis, The Specials and Ziggy Marley among those already announced.
  7. Don't know how flexible their grounds are. The Slope and Main has often had concerts overlapping without any problems, but of course there is a difference in size compared to those playing in Klub C/Barn (and often type of music as well). For weather purposes I'd hope they keep some scenes with roof at least. Not much shelter elsewhere 😉
  8. Would be interesting to see i RW are doing a more proactive approach and maybe look at alternatives or alternations to The Barn and Klub C, so have more outdoor(ish) venues...
  9. Would be great (although their latest music is crap)..
  10. I'm very pleasantly surprised by the announcmenet of The Killers and was one of those that enjoyed their concert in 2018. I'm also very happy to see that they are playing before RHCP on Sunday, as I'm more dubious towards them again. Regardless of what one thinks about those two bands though, The Killers & RHCP on the same day, is a really strong combo.
  11. Not headliners, but Lewis Capaldi and Inhaler booked for a festival in Norway (Slottsfjell) mid July and both have gaps in RW-week, so I'm expecting them to be on the line-up. As far as I can remember at least Capaldi was booked for 2020 also.
  12. Ok, but who are the "non middle age" headliners that will fill up Main Stage at a festival like RW and that haven't been tested with low ticket sales already? I can't really see them exist (unfortunately).. For me the problem isn't that they're middle aged, but that it's the same bands being re-used over and over again. Most headliners are "middle-aged" because there simply haven't come any new stadium sized bands since around 2000. However there are more middle aged alternatives. Springsteen, McCartney, Stones, Green Day, Coldplay, Elton, Taylor, Robbie, Rammstein++ Most have been to RW before, but not with the same frequency. Some of them probably won't play festivals, some the festivals don't want as they make it hard to create a balanced day, but for the most part I think it's about making more money putting them into single day events (when available). After two years without any festivals I would have hoped for some more creativity, but apparantly not..
  13. Sorry, but the ID-bullet is heading your way...
  14. Let's hope for some news on Monday then... Maybe getting the last headliner in place, will make room for some other announcements as well. Is a fifth day still in play so we can get two headliners or is that ruled out?
  15. Agreed, but the last point is the important one. Apparantly ticket sales must be going well despite almost no names, since they can afford to wait so much longer than competiting festivals. Would be interesting to see how ticket sales will be going forward with Covid-cases spiking throughout Europe again. Here in Norway everyone expected concerts to be packed after pretty much every restriction was lifted, but some artists (especially those that target older audiences) are beginning to cancel their tours due to disappointing ticket sales. It seems like some people are reluctant to big crowds still, so the risk of slower sales now that those really eager to go to festivals have bought their tickets, is probably there.
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