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    Hardwick Live 2018

    I went to Hardwick Live too and, yeah it was a bit rubbishy with little on for kids other than fairground stuff. If you're in the North of England why not give Deer Shed a go. We've been every year since Deer Shed 2 and our 6 year old daughter loves it!
  2. The Night Tripper

    Deer Shed 2019

    I would imagine End of the Road / Green Man Festival would be it closet cousins (though I haven't been to either so I could be way off the mark!). Size wise I think it's more similar to End of the Road. There's less options music wise but it balances that out by giving you a lot of other stuff to balance that out (theatre, comedy, poetry, science, sports field, talks etc.) This year James Acaster and John Hegley were as much a highlight as any of the music. There's about ten different tents devoted to activities that the children can do and my daughter attended a load of workshops. There's also a 'Wilderwild' area with immersive theatre and stuff like pottery and weaving. To be fair, it's only forty minutes down the road for us so it's always been a bit of a no-brainer.
  3. The Night Tripper

    Deer Shed 2019

    It's extremely family friendly to the point where taking a child along is practically a pre-requisite. It's very chilled, civilized and middle class (lots of Guardian readers eating Quinoa.) so I don't know if that's your thing or not. They stagger the set times so you can always see all of the music from the main stage and then either the Lodge or In the Dock Stage. The comedy line-up is also getting stronger year on year. There is absolutely tons for the kids to do! My daughter's six and she's been since she was a baby and she loves it.
  4. The Night Tripper

    Deer Shed 2019

    Love Ezra! Expecting either Suede or Doves (or possibly Spritiualized) for the final headliner! They usually have at least one long established act as a headliner.
  5. The Night Tripper

    Blue Dot Festival

    Go to Deer Shed then. That's moved from 26th to 28th July for next year.
  6. The Night Tripper

    Festival Number 6 - Portmeirion, Wales

    Friendly Fires, Franz Ferdinand, Jessie Ware, Everything Everything, Django Django, Ride, Anna Calvi, Suggs, Will Self.
  7. The Night Tripper

    Deer Shed Festival

    There is always some music on somewhere. There's four music stages (three on the Sunday). On Friday, it starts at 4pm (though there's an extra band on this year so make that 3pm) and when there's a band on the main stage there's generally no other music on. When an act finishes on the main stage then bands start playing on the other three stages. Once they finish another main stage band will start playing and so forth. Saturday and Sunday the music starts about 11am. Headliners finish about 11pm apart from Sunday at about 5:30pm. As Dondo said after the headliners finish there's generally some music on one of the other stages till about 2am.
  8. The Night Tripper

    Deer Shed Festival

    We go to Deer Shed every year having bevn since Deer Shed 2. The shortened time frame has never bothered us since we are usually jiggered by Sunday evening. The music will start about 3pm on the Friday and finish at 6pm on Sunday which, as I say, is enough for us. It is EXTREMELY family friendly! Sylvie is 5 now and the good thing is that there is lots of activities for all ages. We'very still yet to make it to the sports field or the immersive theatreatment experience that is The Wilderwild. The music line up is generally strong although I know you can get a wider selection at Green Man or eotr. But there is so much more to access than that including comedy, workshops, talks and theatre. My wife prefers the comedy and last year we managed to catch Hal Cruttenden, John Shuttleworth and Patrick Monahan. It'starts 45 minutes down the road for us so it's a bit of a no brainer for us. I would definitely recommend it.