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  1. In the light of news that Primavera will be postponed, do you think there is any chance INmusic will do the same or it is going to be canceled? The Killers, Deftones and Lumineers are all touring in USA from mid-august on, (Nick Mason canceled tour already) so it is hard to imagine what would lineup be then? That alone makes it less possible.
  2. One more and i'm out (We need some humor in this terrible times, i pretty much gave up all my summer plans)
  3. The only festival we are attending this year i'm afraid is this one 😵
  4. Glasto has been cancelled, Inmusic is on same dates .. 😿
  5. 2020 BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend cancelled (22-24.5). Summer festival season is luckily 3-4 months away, but i guess Coronavirus already affects on ticket sales atm.
  6. Alter Bridge ruled out, announced solo show in Zagreb.
  7. Agree. Coachella just got postoned. Living near Italy boarder makes me realized things are serious, closed boarders, cinemas, schools, all events are canceled here etc. I hope this wont affect festival season
  8. Sziget on FB right now: Something great is coming...😮 ** SZIGET2020 ** Valami készülőben van... 😮
  9. Probably (i hope) new name tomorrow? They are really slow with announcements, it's March and we only have 7 artists, only two announced in February, last one more than two weeks ago .. last year we had 15 at the time .. i just hope there is nothing to worry about 🙃
  10. New name today? Went through dates on artist websites and it looks like: Mon: Beck, Belle & Sebastian, Rival Sons (?) Tue: Killers, Lumineers Wed: Deftones(?) Nick Mason, Killers headlining second day, unless Deftones aren't headliners ..
  11. Stop moaning, fantastic lineup again, 3rd year in a row! I wish Sziget (closer to me) had lineup like this.
  12. I'm nominating that Saturday as candidate for "Strongest festival day 2020" 😃Likable lineup overall.
  13. OK, so we do agree Placebo are less possible after Arsenal fest and Nick Mason's announcements. About Nick in terms of ticket sales and media attention this is probably great announcement, Floyd are extremely popular here, Gilmour and Waters are playing biggest arenas in the area. Questions of the day is which spot did Belle and Sebastian took ?
  14. Placebo dates and route fit perfectly. First day Beck was announced as headliner and Lumineers are obviously playing second down that day, even Belle and Rival sons are all having that day on their website, so that day is full. So the only option it seems second day, but is it a day with Killers and placebo realistic for a small festival like this? It would be strong combination, reminds me of Alt-j and KOL in 2017. From website it looks like one day will be stronger than the others (or one way weaker), so maybe that day is 67€ day. Arsenal fest confirmed Still Corners as well, it could be them playing Hidden stage, would be nice.
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