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  1. Sorry if off-topic: Do we know anything about QOTSA touring in 2020 in general ? No mention on forum about them before lately, so probably 2021?
  2. If this is the case i might go to Volt fest.
  3. Don't really know him except i saw this name on posters multiple times (not a misunderstood jaded teenager), garbage or worth some listening?
  4. On Twitter and Instagram they haven't even updated anything, old posters and "Tickets for INmusic #14 (June, 2019) are available!" all this inactivity is getting irritating, i wish we had some information what is going on. Hope first name is around the corner, Pixies are probably the most realistic name out of confirmed names at other festivals.
  5. (Nearly) sold out Zagreb arena both times (17K attendance mentioned on the web), so highly popular here but it does seems to extra, does he even play at festivals?
  6. Love the way they are doing this announcements.
  7. Very realistic IMO, maybe Cage The Elephant could be positioned as 3rd headliner, something like Foals last year. Do you think they will book someone from 2017, it was the first sold out year, alt-J maybe or Arcade fire? Everything else but Pixies announced soon would be a suprise for me. I read at some Croatian forum that there is a romour this could be last INmusic, due to bad financial last year and lack of support from Country/City, they cannot compete with others only with ticket sales and a prices that low ..
  8. They recently posted: The Hype was amazing live by twenty one pilots at Sziget this August! 😍 Would love to see more of them or other artists next year at Sziget? Could that be pointing to 21P coming back? Slowly starting to think no Billy and Taylor this year or at least not both, Sziget can't have the same lineup as most other similar festivals. Maybe Coldplay? Lorde? Imagine Dragons, Stromae?
  9. What is Rock in Rio max/average daily attendance?
  10. Lack of strongest rock names touring makes Kasabian rock headliners for some festivals
  11. Kasabian just announced gig on 20.6 + new album rumored, probably to early to come back? Also Arcade fire and KOL concerts were more packed than Kasabian as much as i can remember.
  12. If Faith No More are really touring next year, this could be it, they totally fit to INmusic audience and they are very known in Balkan and headlined Exit festival already.
  13. Or Inmusic play it safe and he is first headliner for 2020😛 Franz Ferdinand played 4 times in 10 years so..
  14. Trying to be Sziget alike with this lineup
  15. It is very short this year but intense 🙂
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