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  1. Finally had some rest and now looking back, it was a blast after almost 3 years without festivas. This edition is actually one of my favorites, probably the best one together with 2017: Weather was great, some really great shows, spend almost no time queing, new beer was better, bigger hidden stage tent was a good idea, new silent party location turned out to be great...organization was good in general. Downsides were weak undercards (less international artist) and no busses, so get on/off that island can be a nightmare. Had a wild start off with Idles and was positive suprised by The killers, show full of energy and by far biggest production at Inmusic i have ever seen. Started day 2 with White lies, i'm a fan but they sounded flat and also had sound problems. Nick Cave was again maestral, he had the biggest audience in the festival. On day 3 i have to say Royal Blood excited my expetecions while i didnt really enjoy Deftones, it was way too loud and Chino vocals were not superb. It seems that their fans enjoyed the concert but in general they were loosing audience through the set. Went to toiles in the middle and that field was empty. On the last day i found Roisin to be fun, although her music is not my cup of tea. Kasabian were better than expected, considering Tom left the group. Also enjoyed Fontaines, Gogol bordello and Hinds.
  2. They stole the show away from Deftones yesterday at Inmusic festival, they were briliant and sounded great
  3. Idles + Killers = great night
  4. Halsey could be replacement, both pop/R&B, they even have a song and performed together. Stormzy is not really headliner material outside UK (was listed as subheadliner for 2020 edition), while Dave is almost unknown in region
  5. Nice one. Sadly can't make it to last day, so based on first 5 days: A list: Dua Milky Chance KOL Alice Merton Stromae Calvin Harris Alan Walker Tame Impala Anna-Marie B list: Rufus Noga Erez Bastille Apashe Meute Lewis Capaldi Beabadoobee Ofenbach Lola Marsh Sigrid Steve Aoki Palaye Royale C list: Cleopatrick Role model Giant rooks Riles Jungle Viagra boys Black Honey
  6. Looking at artist around at the time, Halsey, Megan thee stallion, Disclosure, Chemichal brothers or maybe even Glass animals are options. Nick Cave playing Way Out West so ruled out. But it is still two months away, my guess is Bieber will be ok 🙂
  7. Festival has only been sold out twice. There are no signs of tickets not selling well like in 2019 and they just afford to rise the price 10 days prior festival so i guess tickets are selling well. At least its not going to be overcrowded 🙂
  8. There was One love stage too that hasn't been confirmed yet, but there is still time. Or maybe Sziget reduced number of stages
  9. For the most part as expected, except Gogol Bordello are earlier on than i thought. Dry Cleaning at 1am should be fun This edition contains more local bands than usual, can anyone recommend me some? Porto Moro?
  10. Their page is such a mess, artist times are wrong, no Palaye royale and masked wolf listed among the performers on the site etc.
  11. Don't get my hopes too high again guys, i just accepted this lineup as fine 😄
  12. Found this by mistake, not sure if it was mentioned here before: If you go Sziget webpage and choose (only) French or Netherlands language, under programme you can see confirmed artist for all other smaller stages (Music box, Lightstage, Theater Global Village...) https://szigetfestival.com/nl/bijzondere-stages-op-sziget
  13. So looking at existing Clashfinder, Dirtyphonics are listed as A38 arena artist (freedome), so that opens one spot, but still not many things TBA Edit: Day by day arena lineup here: https://szigetfestival.com/en/arena
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