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  1. Do we know if ticket sales are good this year or not? Quite a few tickets getaway is happening on the internet ..
  2. The Strokes - Imagine Dragons - The Killers
  3. Are this mostly guesses or are there some confirmed info about who is touring around Europe next summer?
  4. 56 000 attendance first day, supposedly Exit record.
  5. Any local rumors whats going on with INmusic 2020? Still no FB event, no news, web-page not updated, not a single statement after 14# edition etc. The only change is that tickets are now available in web shop:
  6. I can definitely see 2-3 names from your list. From the top of my head: Tears For Fears, The black keys, Editors, Of monster and men, Róisin Murphy
  7. I think first headliner announcement and first few names are very important beacuse tickets income represents big part of festival budget (most of it) and if tickets are selling well that gives them courage to spend some extra money on bands (like in 2017 they added KOL and sold out the festival later), otherwise they will try to cut down expenses in every way, like this year. Reality of a independent festival without big owner or general sponsor.
  8. 2 days after and still no statement, nothing on webpage, no 'see you next year' thing. Who knows what is going on..
  9. Good thread, we almost didn't guess anything but it was fun, 1.094 replies, wow! Despite all critics here, i enjoyed festival. Weather was fine, 2-3 good concerts everyday, the atmosphere was good, acceptable food/drink queues most of the time, people relaxed... There were some unnecessary things like every year, traditional lack of toilets, no bus on first day, some PR fighting on Facebook with people, Hidden stage was even smaller .. Also basicly no upgrades compared to last years. Still worth paying that 50€, too cheap to miss I'm curious what will follow after edition like that. Nice to met you Gregory.
  10. Sound went completly off in the midle of the concert for 10 minutes and after that next few songs sounded terible, could barely hear anything. I'm reading now that there was electricity shoutdown in that part of Zagreb.. 'Koncert slavne grupe The Cure nakratko prekinut zbog nestanka struje' S*it happens:)
  11. Shit, The Cure won't come back any time soon afer this.. 😂
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