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  1. Don't get my hopes too high again guys, i just accepted this lineup as fine 😄
  2. Found this by mistake, not sure if it was mentioned here before: If you go Sziget webpage and choose (only) French or Netherlands language, under programme you can see confirmed artist for all other smaller stages (Music box, Lightstage, Theater Global Village...) https://szigetfestival.com/nl/bijzondere-stages-op-sziget
  3. So looking at existing Clashfinder, Dirtyphonics are listed as A38 arena artist (freedome), so that opens one spot, but still not many things TBA Edit: Day by day arena lineup here: https://szigetfestival.com/en/arena
  4. Which artist? But i guess just another error 😵
  5. Balaton is electronic music festival while Sziget is multi genre and cultural festival that goes from rock to electronic and everything in between. Check out lineup and decide if it is enough for you but just going there for one thing is not what Sziget is all about. Clashfinder may help you out to get a glimpse of what to expect (lineup order is not fully correct and confirmed). My suggestion to you would be to go to a festival like this open minded for various music genres, personaly i'm coming more from a guitar word but i'm very much looking forward to see Sigrid, Apache, Stromae, ... + there is so much other stuff to do on the island.
  6. Q-dance takeover is confirmed for first day on the island, while Elrow will be there on another day (last day, according to clashfinder)
  7. So there are few young bands to vote for "INmusic Breakthrough powered by Europavox", but could we expect more names through Europavox or not? In 2019 Peter Bjorn and John, Fontaines D.C. and Zeal & Ardor were part of Europavox and these are significant names.
  8. Must be a mistake, it doesn't make sense
  9. So what is the new name of the venue? (huge tent behind main stage). Can't figure it out from article, not sure how good is my translation. One of the things not mentioned here is that they are hinting tickets are selling well ""On the other hand, the advance ticket sales data are also encouraging, and even show that we can expect more full house days this year" and they redesigned the internal traffic
  10. Here is ful article, translate the page
  11. Looking forward to see Kasabian again but i'm not sure about new songs, it doesnt sound like Kasabian at all. Hope they'll stick to bangers live
  12. I feel like this lineup is weaker (not weak) than 2018 or 2019 and i'm not the only one. Specialy undercards is missing some live bands. They'll push more for electronic music i guess, it's cheaper and popular. And at this point i don't expect more strong names to be added anymore.
  13. Price increase on the 3rd of May! I guess new names soon after
  14. Is it possible this videos were made back in 2020? I know there is video with some other significant name (can't remember who atm) that hasn't been announced. I don't think we are missing so many big names.
  15. So the crowd is not silent onlyn on stream 🙂 The Weeknd closed out the show during night three of Coachella, but he seemed to notice the crowd was a bit lackluster as the weekend wound down. Videos of Abel’s performance surfaced on Twitter, which showed the singer appearing a bit frustrated with his audience. In one clip, he could be seen attempting to pump the people up before shouting, “Are you trying to end the night right now?!”
  16. Can't wait for Glasto live stream, so i can actualy feel the crowd atmosfere there. This Tiny desk concert vibe doesnt work for me.
  17. There are 3 live streams to watch concerts this weekend: https://www.youtube.com/COACHELLA To get in the mood
  18. On the camping map (click) there is hip hop stage next to colosseum. I think we kind of expected those four or five names to play either Arena or Colosseum. I'm wondering where bigger electronic names will play (Aoki, Walker, Caribou, Jungle ..), if most of them are in Party arena, that would open space for another few names at A38
  19. I'm happy with the linup for it's price, but at this point i'm kind of hoping for sometning like Superorganism back in 2018, some indi pop to chill out ater hours of guitars 😄
  20. & when is a million dollar question 😬Usually @Sziget2022_Leaks pops out before announcement and give as some clues
  21. Don't know why they booked this dude Kanye in the first place after he wanted custom-built dome stage back in 2019 and had "sunday service" at music Festival, plus considering all of his problematic statements.. for $8 million plus a $500,000 production fee🤯 They could have 5 world class artist insted...
  22. It is not very crowded unless it is going to be sold out, in that case, expect some queues at bars and toilets. Stages are very easy to get from one to another anytime you want and you can get to the front rows without waiting there for a long time and missing other stuff. Beer was around 3€, food up to 10€. If you are from Germany, it is going to be cheap for you;) Security controls at the entrance can be a pain in the ass, I had to open my wallet once, they just throw away stuff like deodorants, lipsticks, sunscreen, repellents, food ... so they'll check your bag for sure
  23. I would expect announcement more somewhere in the middle of April, when the festival is 4 months away, if even not later. The daily splits are up, tickets are selling... no need to hurry IMO. Also, they were often teasing or replying to comments with "lineup soon", can't see any of these now. I agree Liam is probably not realistic, i'm kind of putting my hopes up for Glass animals at this point. First aid kit, Girl in red, Aurora, Wet leg, Gayle are some of the names touring around at the time i'm hoping for that may be realistic
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