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  1. https://www.elperiodicomediterraneo.com/noticias/castellon/fib-no-celebara-2020_1294918.html
  2. https://www.cope.es/emisoras/comunidad-valenciana/castellon-provincia/castellon/fiestas/noticias/fib-agota-25000-abonos-que-vende-solo-tres-horas-20191129_562784
  3. And to those 25,000 tickets you have to add all the tickets they sold two days ago in benicassim to the people of benicassim. So I guess in total they will have sold between 28,000 and 30,000 tickets
  4. In the local press they have said that at the moment 25,000 tickets have been sold, more than in the last year. I don't know what happened to the price of the tickets, I think that until they announce more groups, prices will not rise anymore.
  5. The news says that the FIB lineup will be announced when the negotiations between Live Nation and The Music Republic finish.
  6. Los carteles de FIB y Arenal 'esperan' el acuerdo con el gigante de festivales https://www.elmundo.es/comunidad-valenciana/castellon/2019/11/15/5dcdb0abfc6c830c4f8b4776.html
  7. El gigante de festivales Live Nation negocia la compra del promotor de Arenal y FIB https://www.elmundo.es/comunidad-valenciana/castellon/2019/11/14/5dcc5e4afdddff5d7e8b4678.html
  8. Los Planetas just announced in a Valencia festival which is celebrated the same days as FIB, so they are very likely to come to the FIB too and co-headline one of the nights
  9. The land of the FIB is divided into parcels of land from different local owners. What the municipality of Benicassim wants is to buy these lands in order to invest money in improving the concert venue. The news simply says that a plenary session has been held at the town hall to begin the administrative procedures of buying the land.
  10. The FIB will surely confirm new bands next week (January 23) because an international tourism fair (FITUR) is held between January 23-27 in Madrid. They always confirm bands on that date to make it coincide with the fair and thus be able to promote the festival in it.
  11. New Order confirmed by Low Festival which is 5 days after FIB in Benidorm. It would be great if we have them at Benicassim!
  12. Fiber Leaks liked my tweet which says: Noel gallagher come to Benicassim. I think Noel Will come this year!
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