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  1. On 8/17/2021 at 11:59 AM, clasher said:

    I saw their 2018 Mad Cool show and I agree completely. While I generally like Tranquility base (still think it should've been an Alex Turner solo album), their set was absolutely not fit for a festival crowd. How they managed to lose the crowd after three songs still baffles me.

    I was so stoked to see them again and that 2018 show was one of the dreariest messes I've ever seen. Say what you want about a band like The Killers just playing to the crowd... sometimes you GOTTA play to the crowd. 

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  2. On 7/10/2021 at 4:02 AM, pigital said:

    Elton John? GNR? Is this some kind of sarcasm I’m not understanding? 

    Starting to feel like the bands are not the only old thing on RW anymore. I really don’t get how you consciously could still ask for more old bands/artists. 

    Either I’m too young for RW or everyone else is not open for new music on the top off the bill. But damn, GNR and Elton John when Tame Impala, Kendrick (possibly), Dua Lipa, Lorde, Tyler the Creator, Billie Eilish and more are touring just totally blows my mind.

    You do understand there are only 4 bands on the bill already, right? The reality is that they don't want to pay ridiculous sums to bands they don't think represent the RW festival theme. The name has "ROCK" in it, if they went to Megan Thee Stallion/Kendrick/etc as their main headliners, the festival might sell the same number of tickets and completely lose its historical stature.

    There will be PLENTY of youth-facing acts in the 4 day lineup. There will be rappers, dance acts, pop bands... and more old people with guitars. There are literally HUNDREDS of festivals with 3/4 of the headliners being people who were in high school in 2015, that doesn't need to be EVERY festival.

    RW will be packed with folks who want to see this lineup.

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  3. 4 hours ago, tmolvik said:

    Could be, but it seems like those speculations are more based on hope rather than actual knowledge. However I'm sure that they must have many bands booked (even only those carried over from previous cancelled editions), so I can't really understand why they can't announce some of those, even if it means we'll have to wait for the last headliner...  

    Well, if your headliner has it in their contract that they have to be the first band announced on their headlining day, you can't do that. There's no legitimate reason for them to have held off releasing the Sunday headliner while also selling Sunday tickets, if not for some concession being made to whatever that act is. There's literally zero upside to trying to sell tickets on a day nobody knows any band that's playing. And there's zero chance there's no actual headiner on the festival's final night... so... logic dictates there's a reason we don't know.

  4. 1 hour ago, tmolvik said:

    Should we expect radio silence until fall or are there any plans of announcing something?

    I think whoever said they were waiting for a major act to drop their tour plan is probably on the money. The Sunday headliner probably has enough clout to delate the announcement. Who? I dunno, hoping for the best!

  5. I find it absolutely hilarious that someone thinks that one distinct Chinese product (or even a wide variety of face masks) is worth more than the incredible mass of Chinese mass-produced exports that are not selling at all, or at a reduced rate, because of this global pandemic. 

    I mean kind of grossly hilarious, but super funny indeed. The mental gymnastics it takes to consider like 1/64th of the issue while ignoring the other 63/64th... wow. Perhaps also a flat earther?

    *Also, hilarious, I just noticed my reputation has dropped to negative because one Massive Attack fan went and downvoted all my posts after I called them out for skipping Mad Cool two years ago. What a weirdo.*

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  6. 1 hour ago, Gucci Piggy said:

    Kasabian aren't that big outside of the UK; they don't headline major festivals (maybe Beni but that's a very UK-centric festival).

    Nine Inch Nails aren't a fresh reunion; they're releasing new music and playing festivals (in non-headline slots) all over the world to promote it. Massive Attack are the same as NIN; they also don't headline major festivals. You can see both of these at loads of festivals every other year.

    Smashing Pumpkins are a new reunion with a lineup that hasn't been seen together in a long time. They're charging ridiculous prices for their own shows and you can be sure the reason for the reunion is to make a shitload of money. I doubt they're gonna be accepting non-headline slots and the fees that come with them. If Jack White can headline it I don't see the "classic" lineup Smashing Pumpkins doing anything less. Just swap em with Björk and it's more realistic (even though I can't see her playing).

    NIN didn't tour at all in 2015 or 2016. They've been on a run of shows in 17 and 18 and who knows how long that will continue. 

    Smashing Pumpkins are not a headliner, unless you're doing a radio station one day festival with 15 terrible bands on the bill.

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  7. That explanation is hot garbage. The tent was banging all weekend long, and the festival was three weeks ago. They could have sent out an instagram while we were waiting for them, for fuck's sake. "Especially when we couldn't communicate the situation with you all." 

    What a load of crap. I'll never give a thin nickel to Massive Attack again. 

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  8. I would love to see them try to get Faith No More back. They were at RW in 2015, and haven't toured or recorded since, but they are such an interesting band and a rare get it would make what seems a pretty boring lineup more interesting. 

    As an American, I can skip a stone and have it bounce off five festivals with Metallica, Muse, Florence, etc... so I want some weird, wild stuff.

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  9. Just one outsiders' opinion, from someone who went to both Rock Werchter and Mad Cool in the last two weeks. I truly enjoyed both festivals, but I would choose RW 100/100 over Mad Cool in the future, if you're traveling for the festival.

    The lineups were very, very similar. But RW was run so, so much better. Although I did love the late start, so it wasn't an entire day of standing in the heat. Who would think that the Belgian festival would be the one with the oppressive sun?

    Thankfully, Mad Cool is still very, very new. Hopefully next year the gigantic entry lines on day one are tamed. That would go a far way to winning back some fans!

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  10. 22 hours ago, xxialac said:

    Don’t judge until you’ve heard both version’s side of the story.

    FFS they’ve been touring for 30 years, dont you think three decades is enough time to build up a ‘diva’ reputation yet they don’t have one.

    If they were treated badly by mad cool and its shitty organisation skills I don’t blame them for cancelling.


    This pit safety argument is dumb. People should be able to go to a concert and be safe, any other argument is completely irresponsible. No matter how much they paid, people shouldn't be getting crushed just because others feel like it. Have some common sense.

    As for Massive Attack, I get it, some of you are apologists. They're in the wrong, period. Nobody else cancelled their sets. Fans bought tickets because they wanted to see MA, and they didn't. Again... NOBODY else cancelled their sets. The Loop sounded great no matter what else was happening. They douched out, period, and deserve to be called out for it.

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  11. 9 hours ago, Wooderson said:

    Struggle to remember a festival with a stronger 3 bands in a row. Queens/Mode/NIN will take some beating. A bruiser of a day.

    Agreed completely. I wondered at first why NIN was on the Main stage with Depeche on the side... Until they both played. Holy hell NIN crushed it, and their onstage cameras made the show look great from far away. (I was up close, but there were lots who weren't) 

    Pearl Jam and NIN cemented their legacy as powerhouse live bands yet again. Rock is not dead. The 90s are not irrelevant. 

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  12. 21 hours ago, xxialac said:

    No. Massive Attack have been playing gigs since the late 1980s. There is plenty of evidence of them being professional performers.

    Your Rabbit Hole example is pathetic and in no way comparable. That was a tour that got shelved 4 months before.

    And in my time in seeing them *zero* times they’ve dropped out of a festival *ive* attended personally out of 9.

    They are not divas. There was obviously something completely unacceptable about the mad cool setup.

    There is no ZERO. They dropped out two days ago. Did you not attend THiS festival? 

    This is the SECOND festival I've attended that they dropped out. Great that you've had luck, but they're focking douchebags. 

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  13. 5 hours ago, xxialac said:

    That sounds much more likely.

    Im 100% on massive attack’s side here and we haven’t heard their version.

    Who do you trust? 

    The totally shambolic disorganised  Mad Cool?

    Or the band who have been playing reliably, turning up on time (I’ve seen them almost 10 times), and being consistently professional over the last 30 years?

    Dude, you're on crack. Massive Attack have cancelled plenty of shows. This was the *second* time they've dropped out of a festival *I've* attended personally. This was just one year ago:


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  14. 17 minutes ago, alexlloyd said:

    Thing is as well, if that is the case and they are trying to make it seem likes Massive Attacks fault, then words surely going to spread that this isn’t a festival to get booked for. Such a shame, personally wasn’t bothered about them and was already on the way home, but waiting 80/90 minutes to be told a shows cancelled is a joke, particularly when I’m sure people went an hour early to make sure they were at the front. 

    It was Massive Attack's fault. Somehow the Loop was running all festival long without some prat deciding he was too special to play... Or even tell the fans the problem.

    You think Pearl Jam would have refused to play? Gimme a break. People came to this festival specifically to see Massive Attack. They lost many fans today.

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  15. Anybody who says the lines weren't bad is on crack. The queues everywhere were incredible.

    That said, the bands are amazing. The sound is fantastic. The grounds are beautiful. The giant screens are a godsend.

    But the water, the lines, the long walk to get in or out.. not great. They have their hearts in the right place, but it still needs work.

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  16. It's almost impossible to recall how many great acts I saw this weekend. I come in with my own biases, but of those I saw, a handful were absolutely genius perfect. Some were very good. Others were some good, some bad. 

    Perfect: Pearl Jam, NIN, Anderson .Paak, Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, David Byrne

    Very good: Queens of the Stone Age, CHVRCHES, MGMT, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (it was very, very loud at points, making it kind of tough to love), George Ezra, The Last Internationale

    Good: Arctic Monkeys, Gorillaz, The Kooks

    Gorillaz and Arctics had the same problem... They neutered a wild crowd with slow paced tunes that are pretty new and not very sing-along styled. Nick Cave too slow songs and masterfully turned them into performance art. David Byrne did the same with pop songs. 

    And the great bands just took that crowd energy and turned it into gold. The six bands I mentioned as great didn't have a single lull in their sets, they just kept the energy flowing. They might have one song people didn't love, but they're follow it immediately with something great. And the Barn for NIN, .Paak, and Byrne were amazing. Loved this fest, and I'm sure I forgot stuff.

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  17. 2 hours ago, Ryanp1993 said:

    I agree system every one went crazy the rest of the festival the crowd were quite tame. Arcade fire refused to play unless they livened up. Make of this information what you will. You will also see lots of people with ear buds in.

    Okay, I don't understand this part... ear buds? For what? Are you suggesting they're listening to other music while at a concert?

    Legit confused by this statement.

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  18. 31 minutes ago, popcornmaster said:

    Has anyone got any interesting things to do in Madrid - mid to late afternoon?

    I'm sure there's plenty to do in the capital but realistically I can't imagine I'll be schlepping around museums and such whilst hungover and in the heat (as much as I'd like to visit Madrid culturally).

    Just looking for things that compliment the festival's opening hours. Something not too strenuous and to combat the heat. 

    Crazy suggestion: Don't be hungover? Bring a nice hangover cure or maybe don't drink to insane proportions, and then go see the museums and such. Or just go to the beach and get some Vitamin A.

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  19. 2 hours ago, thetechi said:

    Now it's a weird one with Werchter crowds.

    Let's take some examples from last year. (Of course all my own opinion).

    System of a Down, completely and utterly mental. So much so that Daron said we'd been the best audience of the tour (like yeah he may say that to every crowd but they genuinely seemed thrilled with the response).

    Foo Fighters, who I expected to have a huge response and big crowd was a little underwhelming, despite being the last act of the whole festival. They usually do a massive set of bows, walk around, bow together, wave, and then go off 5 minutes later. But the band almost seemed disappointed by the crowd. Maybe it was to do with the fireworks but even so, the Werchter crowd never seemed to get into their stuff. 

    There was a noticeable difference in reaction, depending who the band is ?

    System of a Down is not really a band to compare *anybody* with as far as audience reaction goes... maybe Rage Against the Machine. Those are the only shows I've been to where the crowd was so insane they nearly shut the show down.... and one time, they did. 

    Foos attract every kind of fan... old, young, casual, mental... and they tour all the time. SOAD rarely tour and attract the moshiest of mosh pits. 

  20. Getting incredibly stoked for this festival. While listening to Nine Inch Nails today I reflected on my favorite moment from one of their concerts ever... the video montage for "Right Where it Belongs" on the NIN/QotSA "With Teeth" tour. Here's a cam of that. 

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  21. Getting incredibly stoked for this festival. While listening to Nine Inch Nails today I reflected on my favorite moment from one of their concerts ever... the video montage for "Right Where it Belongs" on the NIN/QotSA "With Teeth" tour. Here's a cam of that. 


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