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  1. I was thankfully confused about the "VIP" section. The front area of the pit is definitely separated, and I saw a stream of purple coming from backstage-type areas walking and talking back and forth. No actual fans, just assholes on cell phones. Lol. I naturally assumed they overpaid for that access!
  2. Friendly reminder to all those coming next week, it's about 6,000 steps (a mile or two) from the shuttle dropoff to the front of the festival. There were multiple older folks nearly passed out today, and it was cool weather. Be careful! Also, was the pit area of the main stage always 100% VIP? I don't remember that from 2018, but I was only up really close at tent shows, I think.
  3. I'm so stoked I bought a ticket when it was just Placebo and Nick Cave. What a show!
  4. I count 9 acts I'm at least moderatly interested in seeing on Saturday. Heck, after a couple banger days relaxing with Phoebe Bridgers and Leon Bridges before the poppy feel-goodness of 21pilots and Imagine Dragons is going to be fun. Granted, I wouldn't pay to see 21 or Imagine, they're not my vibe, but that's part of the point of festivals. And losing FNM and QotSA hurt the fest a smidge, but it's still loaded.
  5. This might be kind of a dumb question - is there anyplace on or near the grounds (walking distance) if someone needed high-speed internet? Like, reliable high speed internet, I mean. I was considering renting a Wifi hotspot and bringing it to the campground, but I don't know if that's a solution. Any wisdom on this?
  6. Yeah, I've been there all day watching people instantly grab tickets (maybe with bots, I dunno). Might set up my own bot, but I only need one and I'll pay over face if it's not too crazy.
  7. I'm in need of one Combi ticket with or without camping, if anybody has one for sale. PM me!
  8. I wonder if there's a good place to go to find other solo travelers or small groups camping at RW? I connected with a group of like 12 folks in 2018 and it was an absolute blast. I'm coming alone from the USA for both the Nick Cave/Placebo/Smile show and RW... any recommendations?
  9. I'm sure RW will be doing something to replace the QotSA vibe, they're a headline-level act at some festivals. A personal bummer for me since PJ, FNM, and QotSA are 3 of my Top 10 all time acts... STAY IN THERE PJ!
  10. I think there's zero chance PJ skips it unless the Covid situation is unpassable, they've been rescheduling this EU tour for two years and unlike some of the other bands, they have a huge number of tickets sold and held AND a fan base who has patiently been paying their fan club dues for no shows.
  11. I was so stoked to see them again and that 2018 show was one of the dreariest messes I've ever seen. Say what you want about a band like The Killers just playing to the crowd... sometimes you GOTTA play to the crowd.
  12. You do understand there are only 4 bands on the bill already, right? The reality is that they don't want to pay ridiculous sums to bands they don't think represent the RW festival theme. The name has "ROCK" in it, if they went to Megan Thee Stallion/Kendrick/etc as their main headliners, the festival might sell the same number of tickets and completely lose its historical stature. There will be PLENTY of youth-facing acts in the 4 day lineup. There will be rappers, dance acts, pop bands... and more old people with guitars. There are literally HUNDREDS of festivals with 3/4 of the headliners being people who were in high school in 2015, that doesn't need to be EVERY festival. RW will be packed with folks who want to see this lineup.
  13. Well, if your headliner has it in their contract that they have to be the first band announced on their headlining day, you can't do that. There's no legitimate reason for them to have held off releasing the Sunday headliner while also selling Sunday tickets, if not for some concession being made to whatever that act is. There's literally zero upside to trying to sell tickets on a day nobody knows any band that's playing. And there's zero chance there's no actual headiner on the festival's final night... so... logic dictates there's a reason we don't know.
  14. I think whoever said they were waiting for a major act to drop their tour plan is probably on the money. The Sunday headliner probably has enough clout to delate the announcement. Who? I dunno, hoping for the best!
  15. Wait, so... is there another headliner for TW Classic other than Nick Cave and Placebo, that hasn't been announced?
  16. So this isn't going to sell out tomorrow or anything, right? It won't sell out till more bands are added?
  17. I find it absolutely hilarious that someone thinks that one distinct Chinese product (or even a wide variety of face masks) is worth more than the incredible mass of Chinese mass-produced exports that are not selling at all, or at a reduced rate, because of this global pandemic. I mean kind of grossly hilarious, but super funny indeed. The mental gymnastics it takes to consider like 1/64th of the issue while ignoring the other 63/64th... wow. Perhaps also a flat earther? *Also, hilarious, I just noticed my reputation has dropped to negative because one Massive Attack fan went and downvoted all my posts after I called them out for skipping Mad Cool two years ago. What a weirdo.*
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