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  1. I'm gutted, didn't have a ticket but had all my hopes pinned on the resale.. Ticket holders should be able to roll over to next year, it's only fair... I'm happy for the cows though, they get to be there even if we don't, and next year will be even bigger and better than this year was planned to be 🙏🏻
  2. poppyh24

    Taylor Swift

    Reckon she was a dead cert following Ed back in 2017... There'll be a lot of happy youngsters in the field can't wait to see who's up against her on the other
  3. Yep, I've got a van and caravaners are quite hardcore with challenge, it's all part of the fun! . I'm finding this resale malarkey quite a challenge! Nothing up my sleeve and thinking of the volunteer route if April is a non starter... Although hubster came home yesterday with news of a distant aquaintance who's working next year with his event management company so might be a glimmer of hope (if I can remind said aquaintance that he was invited to our wedding many moons ago... ?)
  4. Paper ones obvs? I'm keeping the faith... West' demise will affect all camper vanners, more demand on east, more traffic to the east side, the risk of having to go to B&W instead...Although the camper vanners seem to be a hardy old bunch so perhaps all this won't matter ?
  5. Do we think the demise of campervan west will help us? Will some peeps be so pissed off with being shunted over to B&W That they won't pay their balance... Am I just clutching pathetically at straws?
  6. Deffo think its a ballot to buy tickets.. The T&C's are very specific... What it doesn't say is if you have to pay the full ticket balance straight away to secure the win.... I think everyone who wants to go who has a registration and a brain will have entered, but it'll be interesting to see how many of the 50 get repicked cause peeps miss emails or phone calls... Personally I'm checking my email hourly and answering every cold call to my mobile until the fat lady sings and they announce its all over....
  7. that sounds like a great event.. We saw him at speakers in 2017 and he's so interesting to listen to, and he always says just a little too much so be interesting to see if he lets anything slip about next year! I will deffo touch base next year @ladybird33 if those elusive golden tickets don't come fluttering my way ?
  8. Aw chuffed for you @ladybird33 ! Will take you up on that offer... It's a long old wait til April now (although I'm pinning way too much hope on winning the ballot or the book presale tickets ?)
  9. So chuffed for all the efestival folk who got local tickets today, nothing beats seeing that confirmation screen... Was a quick sale out though... Mighty nervous for resale in April now ?
  10. I would @crazyfool1 but I'm guessing it'll be a different page for that... The url for local sale is not the same as general sale ?
  11. Nope... Refreshed and getting a live thread on two devices ... Very strange
  12. And another live page just come up on my iPad! ... Wish it was this easy in general sale ?
  13. I have a live reg entry page still up refusing to refresh to sold out page... Will this still work at 10?
  14. I'm in for 9am slot peeps needing help
  15. Personally I wouldn't risk it... It might not be blocked straight away but dead easy for them to cancel the booking if/when they compare times vs address details ?
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