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  1. poppyh24

    TBAs 2019

    What about the Manics? Would they, could they?
  2. poppyh24

    TBAs 2019

    This would be too sweet for words!
  3. The only site I trust is metoffice... This is the long range forecast in the week before, next week (w/c 10/6) is the same.. So we've got two weeks lead up on sunshine and showers and warm June temps with a few showers during the festival week .. Hopefully to dry it all up... I have everything crossed cause three of my crew have health issues that mad will not be fun with 😳
  4. Hi use two 5mm self inflating mats on top of each other.. Works a treat.. Not sure if there'll be air beds for sale on site this year, I've seen conflicting posts about it so may be worth checking out if that's your plan?
  5. We did a couple of nights in a lush hotel in castle Cary last year... The station is a no go but the streets in the village didn't have any additional restrictions but there were restrictions for the streets closest to the centre that were all year round ones. It's quite a treck from the village centre to the train station though ... Maybe take a drive around via google maps street view to get an idea?
  6. Would be amazing to get some Banksy in the fields... Is he a glasto fan?
  7. poppyh24

    Guest Appearances

    Gaga and Bradley introducing A Star Is Born
  8. Vodka/triple sec/gin/white rum/tequila in equal parts mixed and decanted into 500ml plastic bottles, fresh lemons, cans of Diet Coke ... Glasto metal cup .. Cut lemon and squeeze in.. Add alcohol mix.. Top up with Diet Coke.... Long Island ice tea.. Yum! Apart from that cold cider on draft from the bars into glasto metal cup ...
  9. poppyh24

    Other Stage Opener

    Paul weller? He's in Cardiff on the 30th
  10. poppyh24

    Other Stage Opener

    Sheryl crow?
  11. Were entering via the eat this year.. What colour routes do the camper vans approach by?
  12. This year were staying over at Tangerine Fiels, so will be entering via PGB. Anyone know what the queues are like over there? I have to disappear quite early to get the daughter to her prom on the Wednesday (what a stupid day for the school to book it!) so wondering if it'll just be worth abandoning Wednesday and heading in on Thursday instead 😥
  13. poppyh24

    Miley Cyrus

    Ahhh that's a no then 😊
  14. poppyh24

    Miley Cyrus

    Isn't she pregnant?
  15. Loving the profile pic ... melody Maker by any chance?

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