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  1. Monday as the last and most stacked day will be tough. Hope I got some energy left at this point. The Ratm cover band seems perfect to revive after a calm Kings of Leon gig. Had a blast at this stage in 2014.
  2. I'm not a fan of Biebs, but would definitely take the chance to see him. Hope he's gonna make it. Otherwise Gorillaz have time on friday and no upcoming show in Hungary. But they've been at Sziget in 2018 (just like Dua Lipa and AM). Can't see they put on the same three headliners. Chemical Brothers are also free on friday. (probably not that interesting for day ticket sellings) Hopefully it won't be another EDM DJ.
  3. Seems like those times aren't correct for every act so far. Channel Tres playing at 11:00 am? Big bummer for me would be Jungle in the afternoon on the main stage. Phew, they definitely should be in the A38 somewhen after Biebs.
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