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  1. ollieg99

    2019 festival

    Will the announcement be on Radio 1?
  2. ollieg99

    All Points East Festival 2019

    I vividly remember it being very dark for LCD's set which worked amazingly with the disco ball, as well as for The xx and lightly raining when they played Shelter (the irony)! For Bjork, it was gradually getting darker but there was lightning throughout, so it was a really cool atmosphere.
  3. Would defo get a ticket for this. Almost too good to be true. Only thing missing is Parquet Courts. They must be in with a decent shout for a high slot on the FR stage.
  4. ollieg99

    Line Up 2019 Predictions

    Tickets for Courteeners shows seem to have been selling like hotcakes so they must be a shoe-in as a headliner for 2019 (hopefully without The Vaccines upstaging them something rotten this round). Both The Prodigy and The Streets are touring next year and seem to suit the KC crowd as a dance/hip-hop headliner. I will be dismayed if they even attempt to get Run DMSack-offs again. No idea about the third headliner. New Order or Snow Patrol for all I know. As I said on another thread I'd personally like to see them go for someone wacky like Limp Bizkit or Fatboy Slim. Or even a female-fronted band like Chvrches. Fat chance probably. Stab-in-the-dark guess (Similar to Comfy Bean): Thur: Snow Patrol Fri: Courteeners Sat: Prodigy Sun: New Order What would be the chances of Frank Carter or Turner turning up next year?
  5. ollieg99

    Lineup 2018

    Yeah there were no temper tantrums or "We're the Kings of Leon, so fuck you". Must have mellowed with age. On a sidenote, I loved the wacky visuals they had. Think they really added to the performance. Meanwhile, Post Malone seems to just have a scratty bit of cloth thrown over some lights.
  6. ollieg99

    Lineup 2018

    Similar to this minus a couple of songs https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/kings-of-leon/2018/bellahouston-park-glasgow-scotland-73e8da51.html I personally felt that they played the perfect setlist and were brilliant last night. They sounded tight and Caleb was alot more personable with the crowd than usual. But then again I'm a bit of a biased fan.
  7. ollieg99

    Lineup 2018

    1. Kings Of Leon 2. Wolf Alice 3. The Wombats 4. The Vaccines 5. Skindred 6. BROCKHAMPTON 7. Bad Sounds 8. Marsicans 9. A-trak 10. BICEP Live
  8. ollieg99


    Yeah, I noticed there were suggestions on the website and I wonder what folk on here have put. Mine were LCD, Limp Bizkit, Fatboy Slim and Phoenix. Not expecting a single one of them. Will probably end up with Run DMC rebooked and Courteeners doing a dreadful rendition of 'Daft Punk is Playing at My House'.
  9. ollieg99

    Lineup 2018

    Are The Blinders doing two headline sets over the weekend at Leeds or am I reading things wrong?
  10. ollieg99

    Saturday night headliners. What’s everyone doing?

    Going off the Clashfinder here: Horseman & the Uppercut Band. Judging from videos, they seem like proper good craic and definitely the best music out of the three headliners IMO Then might gnash it and see the last bit of Run DMC to see what they've got to say for themselves After that it'll be the WKD stage from there on out as there'll be an abundance of deep/tech house from two DJ's that I really rate, Richy Ahmed and Route 94 Friday is the night that I can't be bothered with so hopefully I'll be working then instead
  11. ollieg99

    Stage splits / times

    Would it be worth doing a clashfinder for this?
  12. ollieg99

    Lineup 2018

    Could they be the 'Liam Gallagher' booking of this year? Horrible when announced but a lot better in hindsight.
  13. ollieg99

    R+L Headliner Bracket Game

    Arcade Fire Foos
  14. ollieg99

    R+L Headliner Bracket Game

    Qotsa AM Paramore
  15. ollieg99

    R&L 2018 Bracket Tournament

    Kenneth Duckworth