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  1. jamieroser

    2024 Headliners

    I wonder if she comes down to the farm just to build the connection a bit more (they've done it with future headliners before) Plus a chance she comes out with Avril Lavigne maybe? O-Rod sang Complicated on her last tour and Lavigne joined her for a duet of it one night
  2. Avril Lavigne early evening on the other stage feels like it'll be rammed! Maybe it's just because she was big when I was growing up...
  3. Are you able to walk from the Purple parking (near Zodiac and family camping) to the general campsite on Friday morning? We've got someone staying in Zodiac who is giving a lift to someone in general camping. They're going to park in the Zodiac camping but would rather not have to drive to the drop off zone first if they don't need to
  4. The mobile app is live with set times https://twitter.com/TruckFestival/status/1671579139436937216?t=L8MDBKvIPmiseX_4cVhorQ&s=19
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