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  1. I saw them in 2015 on the Sunday night on the Other stage so I thought they may mix it up & give them the Saturday, also.......really hoping they don't clash with Janelle Monae!
  2. .....and Saturday then too?
  3. So they could possibly play on the Saturday then?
  4. Just wondering how people seem to know that The Chemical Brothers are playing on the Sunday?
  5. If your stuck, i'd be happy to take delivery of any equipment on your behalf in advance of the festival, take to the site (we're staying at WV so we'd have the room), and then meet you on site to pass on your camping gear, just another option for you to consider.
  6. A giant beehive and an extinct puppet procession is all that was really revealed, extensions to some of the existing areas too. No bombshells but a good listen and interesting to hear about the history and how things are run.
  7. Youtopia

    2019 Headliners

    Agreed, we were there, left after 20mins, stood just to the side of the sound desk, could hardly hear a thing & what we could hear just sounded rough.
  8. Your festival ticket and CV ticket have different booking references/order no., just make sure when you email them you've asked for the correct reference to be cancelled and refunded.
  9. Brilliant! 😀 *...and I quite like Muse **...mostly the older stuff of course
  10. Ah i see, slightly different situation to ours, we had friends who managed to separately book a 4man Glastonbury Bell tent just after we'd booked x2 2man scout tents, so we preferred to take the 4man tent option hence not needing our booking which required cancelling....so not a double booking scenario like yourself. Have a great one!
  11. Couldn't be fussed with that, it clearly states theres an admin fee for cancellations so it wasn't worth the grief for the sake of a few quid.
  12. Plenty of porta loos, no shops, no showers, some food vendors (burger van, coffee place, sweet shops)
  13. See tickets eventually got back to me, they've cancelled our WV tent tickets and parking, minus £15 per tent, so all good!
  14. No its not.....anyone can use it, not just the CV users, as long as you get a pass out you're fine to go out and come back again, plenty of people camping take advantage of it as the toilets are relatively nice (compared to the normal on site campsites).
  15. Thank! I don't want to Q for a pitch (hence the desire to camp in WV!)....just want to know when we can into WV and then get into......the greatest place in the world!!!
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