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  1. alexwetherell

    YNOT Festival 2018

    It’d probably be fine unless you look about 12. If in doubt, wrap your tent around drink in the tent bag, sleeping bag etc. De-cant into plastic bottles to prevent glass making noise. Also, the fact you’re username is (i’m Assuming), your full name. If anyone from the festival staff is reading this and spots an underage person trying to get alcohol in, I wouldn’t be surprised if they check your bag a bit more thoroughly cos they know what you’re trying to do. They probably don’t give a shit about drink, but if you’re planning on taking anything else (you know what I mean), go careful! On the whole - don’t worry too much but be a bit more discreet online in the future, you never know who’s reading! Enjoy!
  2. alexwetherell

    2000 Trees

    Has anyone got any experience of Volunteering at 2000 Trees? Thinking of registering to volunteer as a Site Steward. Am aware that you have to be onsite by 10pm Wednesday and it's only 3 four hour shifts that you have to do Thurs-Sat. Just wondering what the shifts are like and just any general reviews on volunteering!
  3. alexwetherell

    Lineup 2018

    There’s a reason why I don’t listen to Grimmy in the mornings. Just hurry up with the announcement!!
  4. alexwetherell

    Secret resales 2015

    Long time lurker. Does anyonr think its worth going down Sunday and trying for a ticket?? Half tempted too...
  5. alexwetherell

    Green Day

    Has anymore info come to light on this rumour? Other than the beeb 'leaking' it?
  6. alexwetherell


    Toilet signs are up on pyramid field.woooo
  7. Anyone recommend any decent waterproof jackets? Fed up of the shit ponchos I've been buying from poundworld for the lastb 4 glastonbury's...
  8. alexwetherell

    Kanye west confirmed

    Poor choice. They better line up someone good for Sunday
  9. alexwetherell

    So are Fleetwood Mac lying about Glasto?

    They've said there not playing so surely that means there not playing!? Why are people even discussing this?
  10. alexwetherell

    One act you want there more than anybody

    I'd absolutely love to see Green Day headline Pyramid Stage. One of my favourite bands at my favourite place. I know it's never going to happen though