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  1. How annoying! Cheers for the reply
  2. Also coach travel guaranteed to have rest breaks, air con and toilets. They put so much effort into promoting coach travel but the coaches are often horrendous
  3. Ah yes forgot this one! Considering how dangerous some areas of the site are I can't believe they don't do this more
  4. Don't want to sound like a negative nigel but what do you hope they've improved for this year? For me it's more compost toilets, they seem to have been reducing these over the last few years, and more toilet capacity by the pyramid/opposite West Holts Also bigger venues in the naughty corner - maybe it was just been me but a few of them had ridiculous queues last year!
  5. Hi All, Anyone know if the See Tickets Coaches have toilets onboard? Would prefer to start drinking as early as possible but don't want to be caught short! Thanks!
  6. Hi, Late to this but i went to Glasto 17 and Bestival 17. I didn't think Bestival was too bad, apart from when they closed the stages and sent everyone back to their tents because it was so windy! I find that Glasto is muddy whatever happens, i've been 6 times and worn wellies probably 90-95% of the time. Glasto 16 was horrendously muddy. Several areas including most stages were several inches deep, so not slippy but so knackering to walk around. Especially as it's so big. Main tips are buy a campchair when you get there so you can sit down, or at least a cheap poncho that you can use to sit down on!
  7. Hi All, I've always got the train down but this year am getting the coach from London Victoria. I have 2 questions: 1. Are there toilets on board? I'd like to start drinking early but don't want to get stuck needing a wee! 2. What's people's experience of queueing for the coach? I've read that usually they only allow people on at their allotted times and that the coaches are pretty good time-wise, however others have said it's been a 2 hour wait and they just get people on the first coach that comes (though that may only have been last year). My coach is at 10 if that helps
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