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  1. On 9/20/2021 at 9:32 PM, FloorFiller said:

    That’s 2/2 from them now. Dare I dream that their new album might actually be pretty good? Tbh I can’t remember if their last one was as I think I only ever listened once, but these new’uns certainly have a harder edge than I remember them having in a long time

    Yeh dare I get excited about a new biffy album, really digging the 2 latest and haven't liked much by them since 2010. Last album was okay, final track was my highlight 

  2. 6 minutes ago, Matt42 said:

    2017 Sunday was a bit grim. I thought Ed vs BBK was a bit weird. I was going to go to Justice but it wasn’t really what I fancied at the time. I think I saw metronomy in the JP instead.

    Late night DJ options were pretty shit that night too. Think we just sat somewhere and got waved.

    Yeh this Sunday wasn't great, we ended up watching 5 songs of Ed then moved over to justice who were great. Moved onto hacktivist in shangri la which was really fun

  3. Zebrahead - great fun

    Mcfly - busy, didn't watch all the way through 

    Funeral - unreal, so happy to finally see them

    Skindred - were they cut short or something? Not sure what happened there

    Holding absence - unbelievable and possibly band of the day 

    Don broco - absolutely smashed it, love those lads

  4. This new little simz is pretty damn good

    Also a huge fan of biffys latest, best thing they've done in some time 

    Don broco new song is the weakest they've put out from the new album by some distance but I'm still very confident that album will rule

  5. I'll spend most of the day jumping around stages and checking out random bits until funeral for a friend 

    Then I'll do ffaf > skindred > holding absence > Frank Turner > Don broco 


    Think Frank may clash though and holding absence take priority, seen Frank like 50 times. 

  6. The used reference is a heart in a noose hanging from one of the trees, not sure on all time low

    The holding absence rumour would be very welcome, love their latest album to bits and they smashed it at download 

    Also buzzing about the skindred addition. That will be a busy, hot, sweaty tent 

  7. Gorillaz were incredible tonight. Everyone having a blast and it was definitely a sell out looking around. Very busy in my area and seated looked full 

    Gutted aj Tracey and slowthai didn't turn up tonight but not putting a downer on a fantastic show 


    RE architects, no idea what that's about. Very annoying

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