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  1. 20 minutes ago, kalifire said:

    Keep meaning to go back to that. I gave up in the second season but I’ve heard it gets better and the latest is excellent. 

    Yeah S2 was a dud but I thought 4 was excellent. Kinda wish they tied it all up and didn't have a S5 but who knows it could be great


    Back on BCS, read a theory that the time jump came from Sauls quote 'maybe we'll wake up one day and not think about it' and the time jump was the first time where that happened for him. Makes sense and if intentional would be a nice touch

    Either way can't wait for Tuesday. Such a weird day of the week to get excited about

  2. Prodigy were incredible last night. One of the hottest shows I've ever been at

    Be wary if you're going near the front though as I would hazard a guess that about 20 people had their phone stolen last night, myself included. At the end of the show there were phone cases all over the floor and calling any of the phones it went straight to the message that it was turned off

  3. 2 hours ago, sacred shape said:

    BMTH's All Points East line-up was insane. Still can't believe I went.

    BMTH, Architects, Run The Jewels, WSS, Sleeping With Sirens, Nothing But Thieves, IDLES, Employed To Serve, Vukovi, Squid, Pengshui, Yonaka, SCARLXRD and Health

    I arrived to this after driving from Manchester with a huge hangover. Watched from rtj 

    The bmth setlist was so strong 

  4. 7 minutes ago, BenG92 said:

    Wrong order but I can maybe see Shikari taking 4th if Rise Against did.

    Think they're very similar sizes tbh. Broco were bigger for a bit but don't think their ally pally sized tour next year has sold massively well. I'll be attending nonetheless. They maybe toured a bit too much, think I saw them like 5 times in 7 months and I didn't go to more than 1 date on the same tour run

    Flip a coin for positioning maybe

    Also if they could get Dayseeker and Holding Absence on the main stage that day that'd be swell

  5. 4 hours ago, Swansea93 said:

    Chuck Bullet as a 2nd stage headliner/sub and have Shikari or Broco in that 3rd logo spot under Architects, then WSS under one of them.

    Or bin WSS and have broco under shikari. Would be 4 of my 5 most listened to artists on spotify last year. Wouldn't miss that for the world

  6. Really looking forward to this now. Will arrive fairly early on the Thursday, any areas that will be a bit quieter to camp in or with the layout move is this up in the air?

    It's only me and my partner going but we'll stay out until the music stops every night

  7. 1 hour ago, jump said:

    Jagur Skills is the support at the show I'm going to but they have a different DJs supporting depending on the date and I can't remember who the others are.

    See you there, good support that

    I'm going as a loner if anyone else is there Thursday and wants a beer. I'll probably arrive half cut

  8. 10 hours ago, Watergirl said:

    Went VIP one year and all it gave me was access to some dead area with a bar and a couple of food stalls. It was behind the stage so you couldn't even watch the acts from there. Still if it's free who can complain

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