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  1. Brilliant episode again in BCS. 3 episodes to go and no idea what will happen in any of them
  2. Definitely the best muse i've heard in years
  3. Will be on the lookout for ratm day resell but I don't really want to pay £100 on just ratm and rtj If bmth and shikari were that day it would be a very strong line up for me
  4. Yeah S2 was a dud but I thought 4 was excellent. Kinda wish they tied it all up and didn't have a S5 but who knows it could be great Back on BCS, read a theory that the time jump came from Sauls quote 'maybe we'll wake up one day and not think about it' and the time jump was the first time where that happened for him. Makes sense and if intentional would be a nice touch Either way can't wait for Tuesday. Such a weird day of the week to get excited about
  5. Prodigy were incredible last night. One of the hottest shows I've ever been at Be wary if you're going near the front though as I would hazard a guess that about 20 people had their phone stolen last night, myself included. At the end of the show there were phone cases all over the floor and calling any of the phones it went straight to the message that it was turned off
  6. I arrived to this after driving from Manchester with a huge hangover. Watched from rtj The bmth setlist was so strong
  7. Think they're very similar sizes tbh. Broco were bigger for a bit but don't think their ally pally sized tour next year has sold massively well. I'll be attending nonetheless. They maybe toured a bit too much, think I saw them like 5 times in 7 months and I didn't go to more than 1 date on the same tour run Flip a coin for positioning maybe Also if they could get Dayseeker and Holding Absence on the main stage that day that'd be swell
  8. Or bin WSS and have broco under shikari. Would be 4 of my 5 most listened to artists on spotify last year. Wouldn't miss that for the world
  9. Really looking forward to this now. Will arrive fairly early on the Thursday, any areas that will be a bit quieter to camp in or with the layout move is this up in the air? It's only me and my partner going but we'll stay out until the music stops every night
  10. How can anyone afford to go to gigs over there, that is just insane
  11. See you there, good support that I'm going as a loner if anyone else is there Thursday and wants a beer. I'll probably arrive half cut
  12. Really enjoying the new Devil Wears Prada song, a band I haven't paid much attention to for many years
  13. Anyone know if there's support on this prodigy tour? Can't see anything online
  14. BCS may be my favourite show ever. This season is definitely the best season of any tv show I've watched 2nd to BB Hoping that the next 2 eps are crossed over with the BB storyline & the final 2 focus on everything afterwards
  15. Just bought a ticket. Does the nightlife run until the early hours like glasto?
  16. Also hopefully final question Does this work like glasto aka when you're in you're in? Or are there gates with checks so you can't walk around with loads of booze on you in the arena?
  17. Great thanks for that. Where can I get a parking pass? Will probably aim to go on the Thursday
  18. Awesome, is it worth going on the Wednesday? Are there names on the tickets or is it okay to buy through twickets for this?
  19. Gonna try get 2 tickets for the weds arrival. Do the tiers mean anything?
  20. Will go see prodigy in London this week. Not decided what day yet
  21. Stumbled into madeon at koko camden last night. Absolutely incredible and I don't really know his material at all. Would love to see him do a night slot at glasto
  22. a6l6e6x


    Would kill it in a sub slot
  23. Went VIP one year and all it gave me was access to some dead area with a bar and a couple of food stalls. It was behind the stage so you couldn't even watch the acts from there. Still if it's free who can complain
  24. Also hoping for this. Think if there's no official festival promo ones twickets could be worth looking at closer to the time
  25. Everyone else just holding out in the hope there's cheap tickets?
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