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  1. No you read correctly. When it comes to something like this, it's easy to understand the frustration when the error could have been avoided so easily. To say that your missus is in a borderline abusive relationship based on what you said to her and how you reacted is just... well, bullshit, frankly. Unless it's true of course, but even then I can't imagine the guy who said that is in the position to know you on a personal level anyway, so it'd still be considered a form of slander. Whatever the case, I think a warning's in order for it (not you) and you were merely describing something that could have happened to any of us. Thing is, I don't think most of us would have posted what you described - I'd have said "girlfriend fucked up, didn't get tickets sadface" and then waited to see if anybody asked how she fucked up. If they didn't, I'd presume to think they didn't care so not go into any finer details. In any event, as I say, if I cocked up the postcode details and it was a determining factor in why we didn't get Glasto tickets, my missus wouldn't have forgiven me for it. Wouldn't have forgiven myself for it actually. What's key is the ability to just move on though in those circumstances, unless the 'stupidity' and 'ineptitude' is something that happens on a regular basis, in which case I'd advise you to disclose said relationship concerns elsewhere. In all fairness to your missus, you could have double checked every detail yourself so as to avoid such frustration occuring, and I say that in hindsight because that's the very thing I didn't do. But bad luck anyway mate. Get 'em in the resale.
  2. I don't think my missus would have forgiven me if the massive cock-up I'd made with the postcodes was the determining factor in why we didn't go to Glastonbury. Arguments are just something that's bound to happen aren't they? Even when we got through to get the tickets, she gave me a frown. So yeah. Fucking up a Glastonbury booking is like misplacing a winning lottery ticket. To get annoyed about something petulant like SeeTickets server capabilities is irrational but attributing it to human error, and something that could have been (easily) avoided, and ultimately resulted in you losing your trip to Glasto... that's when red mist appears. It'd happen to anybody who felt cheated.
  3. It did, yes. For a bit - and we're talking maybe an opening of about 3 minutes tops from my end. I updated my hosts file as soon as somebody posted the address and it got me through on Opera within seconds. Incidentally that isn't how I got my tickets. My fiancee did what everybody else did and refreshed Chrome, and whenever it came to her 'turn', we got through to the booking page, I raced upstairs with my debit card - ran back downstairs whenever I realised the post code was wrong - ran back upstairs, put in the CORRECT details along with the debit card details and then about a minute later 'Booking Confirmation'. Massive "fucking yes!". Went out and did some shopping, came back, got the confirmation email. But yes, the host file edit trick did work for a very, very brief period of time. There wasn't that gap of about half an hour like last year.
  4. Host file worked for me straight after I changed it - fucked up with my postcode though and it didn't work for me in the end. Luckily my missus got in without changing the host file - one browser (chrome), auto refresh. See you in PIlton next June
  5. http://glastonbury.seetickets.com/Event/GLASTONBURY-2014-DEPOSITS/Worthy-Farm/800000 EDIT: Now takes me back to 'Event Not Found' page... weird
  6. Advice I see on other threads is to completely alter the Host file used last year if you still have it. - Windows Start Menu. - Right click 'Notepad'. - Run as administrator; click Yes - File. Open. Computer. Local Disc C:. Windows. System32. Drivers. Etc. - Change 'Text Documents' to 'All files' - Open hosts - Delete entry for glastonbury.seetickets.com - Save. Close. Alternatively, don't do it, use the three different server addresses obviously with the glastonbury.seetickets.com suffix and see how far you get. Report back. glastonbury.seetickets.com glastonbury.seetickets.com glastonbury.seetickets.com
  7. With the backdoor link (800000), I get 'No Event Found', so presumably when tickets for the event are onsale, the event will be there.
  8. Currently have 5 browsers open with the holding page and my trusty old shite K Meleon browser on the backdoor link (just in case). F5 and a touchpad will be very busy over the course of the next hour or so.
  9. This, although when does 'clamping down' become an excuse for more policing? (something I gather '13 suffered from moreso than other years). Also, I don't think Bestival would have half the problem it is has with anti-social behaviour if it didn't prioritise in booking acts that cater to that demographic over acts more people can appreciate, and share that appreciation with others. People who appreciate music and the social aspect of festivals are more likely to 'get on' and not cause too much of a problem. Beacons has been on the planner for the last few years now. I didn't go this year mainly because when it came to getting tickets, I discovered I already had something booked for that weekend and couldn't go. I think last year I didn't go because it was called off due to flooding or something. Anyway, the ferry prices - this is all down to initiative, and I agree, there 'are' ways of getting it cheap. I drove down last year and it cost me around £50 (minus the petrol) because I used a surplus of clubcard vouchers, so something that I think might answer this is like a sticky thread that offers people advice on ways to cut costs. Obviously as a foot passenger, it's much cheaper, but for comfort and ease, driving is always the best option, but it will come at a cost. Going down on Wednesday - cheaper but you have to find accomodation. Night ferries are cheaper too but not by much, and then obviously there's the hovercraft which is foot passenger by default. What you have to consider with the ferry costs is - on a usual day, you'll be paying probably about a quarter of what it'd cost on Bestival (and IOW Festival) weekend if you take a car and don't use your initiative, and I've yet to find a decent justification as to why they'd bang the prices up other than 'because it makes us more money'. This is bollocks.
  10. Also, as it happens, I did consider Primavera in 2013 as well but the reason for me not going to that, at the time, was circumstantial, and those circumstances stopped me from going to Green Man and Festival No. 6, and when I learned Summer Sundae had been cancelled, I couldn't go there either. Download and Hop Farm were also on the festival planner for 2013 but they were economical decisions (and the fact Hop Farm had been cancelled) rather than anything else, mainly because Glastonbury came first and the close proximity of all 3 festivals made it [not too] difficult to decide which I wanted to go to.
  11. Coming into contact with 'them' and avoiding 'them' are two different things - and as I say, I wouldn't mind coming into contact with 'them' until they create a problem for me and other people, which is unfortunetly what usually happens. Well, it depends on the line-up doesn't it? If the line-up isn't to my taste, then no, it wouldn't be for me. Obviously. If the line-up is good and I can somehow justify the cost of a ticket and ferry costs then what usually happens is I'll go and enjoy those bands (only maybe 10 or 11 of them) and then fit the rest of the festival around that and just go off and have a good time exploring. As I'm sure just about everybody else does. Bestival - and I say Bestival when I seemed to grasp the final hurrah before it became what it is now - was perfect for me in attitude, location, quirkiness, size, crowd, variety of music, balance of some decent mainstream bands, mature bands and 'newer' bands. It's just one of those things I feel I'm becoming disillusioned by like I gather a lot of people who used to enjoy it have. The people I would have thought would have gone to Bestival in the past are trying other things whereas the people who I wouldn't ordinarily associate with, who may have gone to festivals like Global Gathering and so on, are gravitating towards Bestival. Is that a problem? Not really, but I think Bestival's trying a little too hard to be 'current' as opposed to staying constant and being good at what it's good at it, which is being a place for weirdos to feel comfortable listening to weird music in a wholly artificial weird world. Bestival's in danger of just becoming normal, or average.
  12. Why would we be walking around moaning about all the chavs and hipsters if we were all in different tents listening to the different bands we all like? I wouldn't come into contact with them, and if I did, I wouldn't have a problem with them unless they created a problem for me, which is what happened in 2012 when people who clearly had no interest seeing a certain band stuck around because a band they really wanted to see was on after, and in the process, destroyed the buzz of that gig for those who wanted to see them by telling them to fuck off throughout their sets. That happened at virtually every set I went to see - the worst case being Spiritualized. Bestival, to it's credit, has plenty of variety (though not much for me in 2013), so luckily I can avoid DJ's and bands I don't like, but I'll be courteous to those around me should I be in a place with people I wouldn't otherwise socialise with, and I always am at festivals because I know it's not just me there. I know; bizarre. Basically, what I share with you is the idea that at every festival I go to, I'll do my bit to have a good time and make it worthwhile for other people so that other people don't come back with a bad experience. The problem I have is that the sort of music Bestival has started to favour combined with this music and Bestival's popularity, makes it a magnet for people who have an attitude of not giving a shit. If you eliminated that problem by having less of that music, it wouldn't attract half as many Yolo w*nkers as it seems to.
  13. Looking at the amount of DJ's that get added to the line-up each year in ratio to live bands, I'd say it was going that way. I certainly saw it last time I went in 2012. I think it's because I actually like Bestival and have a desire to go again - certain elements of it appeal to me moreso than other festivals, and I'm ultimately satisfied with what Bestival has so see no desire to change my preference. It would just be ideal for me to feel some compatibility with the line-up and not feel as if I were being charged more for less, and that's what I resent.
  14. I do want to go; I just need an incentive. Desirable: Friday - Skrillex, Chase & Status, Rudimental (not my choice - but off the top of my head the only 'Dance' acts who could possibly headline - Disclosure maybe a bit too small at the moment) Saturday - Pixies Sunday - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds or Nine Inch Nails Sad reality: Friday - Rudimental Saturday - The XX Sunday - Dolly Parton Wants - More rock acts, decent names that justify the cost of the ticket/travel costs, wider exposure to more challenging music, return of the Psychedelic Worm, The Black Angels and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Incentives on the part of Wightlink and Red Funnel to make the price of the ferry crossing in a car more affordable. More family/age friendly environment. Don't want's - Radio 1 Playlist Committee Rock like Alt J, Bombay Bicycle Club, Vampire Weekend et al. Wider variety of music after hours and not just Dance music. Less marketable appeal to the Creamfields and Global Gathering crowd. Hipsters.
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