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Big news soon....

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Well there's a big change in my life on the horizon, and I can't say anymore than that but it can't come soon enough. Looking forward to heading to Spain in the beginning of December - the temperature in Murcia is over 20 degrees both day and night at the moment - lovely! Have to get in touch with Boris and Jo and firm up meeting them - not looking forward to getting the plane at 4am though! :( But really looking forward to the first break since festie season and getting a Wii too! Looks like Metroid, Zelda and Mario Galaxy will be purchased at the same time. I'm also doing well at Archery achieved my first D Class score on Sunday - just got to keep to that level of shooting! But I didn't think I'd be breaking the 400 barrier so soon! Z is clearly following in my footsteps and won the girls' cross country last week. Scary news is Holloway might be off from Argyle! Nooooooooooo! :(

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