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  1. PeterD

    Got any gigs coming up?

    Toby Keith in Manchester on Monday.
  2. PeterD

    the bullshit of boutique

    Its an overused phrase these days, I think its perhaps used in festival marketing in an attempt to appeal to a certain type of customer, possibly mid to late twenty affluent people. Latitude describes itself as a boutique festival doesnt it.
  3. PeterD

    The Pets Thread

    This is my cat when he was younger.
  4. PeterD

    The Pets Thread

    I have 2 dogs and a cat, I love this cat more than anything, he is f**king ace, he is called Kramer, and he is better than any other cat ever.
  5. PeterD

    I gave birth

  6. PeterD


    To be fair its nice that someone that knows the site and its users and festivals has took the workload off you and maybe not someone with all the technical nohow but none of the passion. Good luck for the future.
  7. PeterD

    118 118

    God I have been guessing this new job for bloody ages and the only one that springs to mind is this http://www.efestivals.co.uk/forums/blog/ne...p?showentry=940 and if that is the case, good luck to you mate.
  8. PeterD


    Without getting too Arkwright, its been a funny old year, festival wise I made the move away from Leeds and Reading and if it hadnt have been for Latitude it would have been a break from Mean Fiddler and their ilk. 2008 is shaping up to be more like 2007 but certainly not the major ones that depressed me so much. It was a relly enjoyable year festival wise, the rain hardly effected me and when it should have, it didnt, it never bothered us at all. The festivals we did attend, we met some lovely people who I hope I will see at some point in 2008, they not only made me feel welcomed, but also my wife. Musically, away from festivals at the start of the year I spoke about a gig hiatus, http://www.efestivals.co.uk/forums/blog/pe...p?showentry=701 Well we almost stuck to it, we saw Hips like cinderella twice, the cribs once and nofx once, which for us is pretty good going. Outside of gigs, the cribs or the view produced my favourite new albums of the year, the evangenitals and pullover did as well, 4 albums I have played considerably. Best festival performance could be the glitzy baghags at Workhouse or Camera obscura at Latitude, just because they played almost the entirety of their last album. Favourite festival this year would be workhouse or shambala, the line up for the former, everything else at the latter. Personally 2007 was a really bad year outside of festivals and music, but its only bad in my world, my dog got ill and cost us a couple of thousand to put right and the small print of the insurance policy meant that we could only claim 250. Lisas mum went into hospital for alcohol related illness, where she remains to this day, and you know a few other things. But in the end, its all ok really. Found out in November that I could be redundant in the new year, so that combined with a temperamental internet connection (word to the wise, do not have skys broadband) meant that from around November I havent posted that much on efestivals, my internet frustrates me and during the day I am realtively focused these days. And thats about it, an ok 2007, lots of room for improvement, a few highs, doing the efests radio, shambala, workhouse, my kid starting uni, pullover recording a new album. A fair few lows, but all in all, a good 2007. Here's to 2008, hope you and yours have a good Christmas and a fairly stunning 2008.
  9. PeterD

    is there anybody out there...?

    Really good post this Neil, sums up really what 2007 has been about.
  10. PeterD

    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!

    Thats sums up that album quite perfectly I think, and the live experience. some loud thunder is slowly getting more play than the debut but recently I have gone back to it, its a faultless album. As for neon bible, I cant really get into it but my wife thinks its the album of the year and much better than funeral.
  11. PeterD

    Festivals 08

    There may be a possibility of Glastonbury, really unsure, its VERY expensive.
  12. PeterD

    Festivals 08

    Still pissed off with Sky broadband and as soon as we can get out of this contract we will. That said its November and we have tickets to 2 festivals booked already, ssh and Bearded Theory. As soon as Workhouse tickets are for sale we will be buying them and there is still talk of doing BD/Endorse it with a camping holiday in between, time will tell as they arent massively cheap. We also fancy a local one called middle of nowhere which we always tend to be on holiday when its on so that will be good to get to and if anything small turns up we will be off to that.
  13. PeterD

    Big news soon....

    I am intrigued by this big news soon, I will wager its not just a change of broadband supplier.
  14. PeterD

    + note

    Glad to hear things are looking up for you, I think we will see you at some point over the summer.
  15. PeterD

    Shit week.

    Shit couple of weeks all told, trying to concentrate on stuff and havent really been online too much. The company I work for is shedding 20% of its workforce in march, I will know then if I am one of them, internet f**king connection is up and down more than f**king lindsey lohan, and quite frankly if one more unplanned expense comes up I will not be happy. Dont get me started on work either, I work in an industry where you have to be pedantic, but for f**ks sake people take it too far.