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...and so it comes to pass

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Well after 12 years at print publishing with LCD I've decided to change jobs. Well thankfully someone offered me the chance to change career and I jumped at it. I can't say more as they are announcing my imminent arrival at some point in the future. It's in the field I really love so kind of like getting paid to do your favourite hobby.

I'm off to Spain for a week now - so it may be announced while I'm away. Anyway I'll be catching up with Boris and Jo while we're there and generally take a breather from work while the dust settles. Hopefully getting a Wii too if stocks haven't run out and visiting Guadalest again with it's amazing buildings and views: link and also hoping to go to Elx link which is one of my favourite cities in Europe. Other than that it'll be dipping feet in the Mar Menor, plenty of seafood, sangria, wine and tapas! And i think the girls will be doing a lot of shopping.

We've got a fish sitter this year - K's mum so I'm less worried about leaving them on their own for a week.

Then once we return i have 11 more days in this job!

And in other news K bought a Richard Head (top of the range) longbow on Tuesday - it looks and feels awesome! I'm a little jealous will wait for clout shoot to see if it has the range.

Hope you all have a cool run up to yule.

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