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r.i.p maff

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today was yet another sad day as i and a whole church full said goodbye to a freind

Matthew was stabbed a few weeks ago and died on the way to hospital to be pronounce dead on landing. only hours earlier he had been in my shop chatting and happy, rubbing my head and calling me a good un, we smiled at each other and did the old handshake. it is a fond memory that is spoilt by the fact that the "alledged" stabber was in the shop with us at the time, his face i will never forget.

maff was a sort of loveble rogue i suppose. never quite found his place in this world, he loved his family, friends and his dogs. he always had a smile for me espeacally when he was under the old peoples home having a can or two and saying he'll look after my van.

most people wore something pink in memory today at the funeral where many a tear was shed, and a smile too.

2 freinds of mine read eulogies and bore his coffin, i dont know how people can hold them selves together like that and read etc i am allways in floods of tears at funerals.

anyway goodbye Maff hope your running around with your dogs, with a beer in hand and the music loud.


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Very sorry to hear about your loss of a good friend.

My mate passed away a few weeks ago aged 45 with cancer, his funeral was one of the hardest days of my life.

All the best


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