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Bank charges when will this nightmare end?

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I used to work for a bank. I'm so glad I got out of that job but mr.banky seems to have had it's revenge by slapping loads of bloody charges on our joint account. Our own fault I know but we've been trying so hard to put money in, only for it to be spent on sodding charges :D

No, we put it in there for our BILLS!!! Not for charges. So I'm looking into seeing if I can kick enough fuss with head office to claim some back at least. It's a rocky road, and if you're determined enough you can try and go through small claims court. BUT you have to pay to start the proceedings, and we can't even afford that!!! And there's a chance the bank might want to make an example of you and take you on in court, thinking you probably though they'd chicken out and settle. And I do NOT want court stuff.

The sky tv has been cut off, my credit card bill is overdue, we've just got our leasehold payment request through the door, we're a month in arrears on the mortgage, and other things I can't even remember. mr.carley has been moaning at me, every time I mention money he either sticks his head in the sand or has a go at me. So while I know what needs to go where and try my best to budget desperately, he lives in ignorant bliss. Well, not completely ignorant. He knows what should be happening. I've just asked him maybe just take twenty quid out (he's going for a drink as we've no sky and he's bored) and leave his card here tonight. Guess what kind of a response I got to that? :D

Then says well maybe I shouldn't be going out tomorrow for my best friends birthday as going out's a waste of money!!! Totally arsy and bitey repsonse, and my drinking budget if £30. Not through choice, more like it's all I have to go out on.

And I've got an awful headache right now.

sorry to be so glum peeps. At least I really enjoy my new job now, I don't come home stressed and exhausted from the bank anymore.

Oh, and cheers Fenderstratz for your words of support. I haven't checked my blog for ages so only just read your response!!

Tata People!!

ps. mr.carley's just come and given me a big hug. so I'm less mad at him now :)

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