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Bonjourno all. Another irksome rant, I seem to be full of them lately, but with good reason I feel.

The money situation is not looking good. We have final demands from the electric people, council tax to pay tomorrow, and a wedding on Saturday. Then Reading. Then it's my birthday. At this rate I'll be spending it with a cup of tea indoors. At one point I seriously considered selling my Reading ticket, but for what I thought? Probably about one bill. Mmmm.....one bill vs. one of the best weekends of the year. No contest really. Why oh why do all the bills have to come through at the same time? We've still got the phone bill and another final electric bill from our old flat to pay after this lot. As well as the mortgage and various direct debits.....arrrggghh!!!!! All day my mind has been preoccupied with how to allocate what come in to what we pay out and I'm sick of it. Can't even try and settle with some vino or the like. Budget does not allow. So settling in with Lemon Fanta. Not quite the same but it will have to do. :ph34r:

Can't wait for Reading. One thing that always appeals is that you're living for 3 days, in a world where the mundane, work and bills and surviving the rat race world no longer exsists and it's pure escape. Roll on!!!!

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Hi Carley just reading your latest entry and recognised a familiar tale from when i was younger, the dreaded debt monster. Looking back now,struggling for cash when my kids were babies taught me a valuable lesson about cash management which in turn helps me still,15 years on. I used to stress about money all the time until i took on the view that why worry about a bill because in the end it will get paid one way or another and there will just be another one around the corner to worry about anyhow. Don't get me wrong i still struggled, i just didn't get as stressed about it as before.

As long as you and yours wake up breathing every morning then you're ahead of the game straight off, and if you can make it to a festival every year then you have more than most. Best of luck in your current situation and i hope it all works out for you. :lol:

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