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  1. carley

    The Pets Thread

    yay xkcd!
  2. carley

    The Pets Thread

    Not so much contortion but.... No dignity whatsoever
  3. carley

    The Pets Thread

    Eeeek! I was just having a catch up read and the thought did occur to me "I hope Cultseeker's not going to put up a picture of a massive spider on here......." *Goes off to calm nerves....*
  4. carley

    The Pets Thread

    Cats seem to be dominating the thread so far Thanks Baladobaybee, he is a gorgeous thing, trouble is, he knows it
  5. carley

    The Pets Thread

    I've got a blue mitted ragdoll cat, called Valo. Yes, after Ville Valo from HIM. And yes, I've been told what a tragic name for a cat, but I don't care! It suits him And here he is, guarding the remotes like a typical man.
  6. carley

    I'm fine really

    Just having a quick read of that last blog, oh dearie me. That's it now. I will NOT allow myself to get that bad again, all these blogs of mine seem to do is moan moan moan. Well no more. From now on it's happiness and rainbows and bunnies and sunshine and sparkly happy joy joy. So nuh
  7. carley

    And back to the misery...

    To be honest, I've completely forgotten about these blog things until today. Been very bored, and stupid weemee won't update because stupid broadband is slower than dial-up these days so I came here instead. Back with the doom-mongering. Myself and mr.carley have now split up. Long story, my decision. The flat is going on the market. Thought I was okay, but today we've found out that the mortgage company want SO MUCH interest and fees back that we're going to have to make the asking price to break even. Yesterday I was thinking if we made the asking price we'd actually come away with something....not now Bit the bullet and told the parents, they weren't aware of the second loan we took out with the mortgage company. They now are and it was a barrage of criticism from mom. I hung up. I've never done that before but lately I've had endless calls and its either been questions after questions about whats happened, or now dig after dig about the fact that I will be coming away from a mortgage of 20 months with nothing to show for it. I AM AWARE OF THAT. All too painfully aware of that fact thank you very much. 28 next month and right now its hard to see past the disappointment (my own and my moms) of what I've not done and done with this time. Everyone wants to speak to me and find out how I am and don't get me wrong I am glad people are concerned for me but I think I just want to be left alone. People are also commenting on how well they think I am coping and asking me how I feel and am I okay? I thought I was doing okay. I don't think I am anymore.
  8. Oh my god! Something that's NOT all doom and gloom. The bills situation is looking better, not yet outta the woods though so won't speak too soon! mr.carley finally starting to realise he needs to be a bit more responsible, and job still going ok. I feel quite chilled out, much better than I've done in recent months, xmas doesn't even faze me, everyone is aware we are doing it shoestring style this year, and they understand completely. Dad tells me to give his present to the church as after all christmas is the welcoming of the son of god. mmm, not quite sure how to tell my dad I'm actually an agnostic but hey. He's not really the religious type at all although he is catholic, he's never talked that much religious stuff before... ..and not sure the church would know what to do with a men's facecare kit from boots. Nope, I've just decided to roll with the punches, seeing as the light at the end of the tunnel of skintness is finally in sight. BT can shove their final bill in their butts until January, as can any other bills that fall on the doormat between now and christmas...mwah ha ha....
  9. I used to work for a bank. I'm so glad I got out of that job but mr.banky seems to have had it's revenge by slapping loads of bloody charges on our joint account. Our own fault I know but we've been trying so hard to put money in, only for it to be spent on sodding charges No, we put it in there for our BILLS!!! Not for charges. So I'm looking into seeing if I can kick enough fuss with head office to claim some back at least. It's a rocky road, and if you're determined enough you can try and go through small claims court. BUT you have to pay to start the proceedings, and we can't even afford that!!! And there's a chance the bank might want to make an example of you and take you on in court, thinking you probably though they'd chicken out and settle. And I do NOT want court stuff. The sky tv has been cut off, my credit card bill is overdue, we've just got our leasehold payment request through the door, we're a month in arrears on the mortgage, and other things I can't even remember. mr.carley has been moaning at me, every time I mention money he either sticks his head in the sand or has a go at me. So while I know what needs to go where and try my best to budget desperately, he lives in ignorant bliss. Well, not completely ignorant. He knows what should be happening. I've just asked him maybe just take twenty quid out (he's going for a drink as we've no sky and he's bored) and leave his card here tonight. Guess what kind of a response I got to that? Then says well maybe I shouldn't be going out tomorrow for my best friends birthday as going out's a waste of money!!! Totally arsy and bitey repsonse, and my drinking budget if £30. Not through choice, more like it's all I have to go out on. And I've got an awful headache right now. sorry to be so glum peeps. At least I really enjoy my new job now, I don't come home stressed and exhausted from the bank anymore. Oh, and cheers Fenderstratz for your words of support. I haven't checked my blog for ages so only just read your response!! Tata People!! ps. mr.carley's just come and given me a big hug. so I'm less mad at him now
  10. carley


    Bonjourno all. Another irksome rant, I seem to be full of them lately, but with good reason I feel. The money situation is not looking good. We have final demands from the electric people, council tax to pay tomorrow, and a wedding on Saturday. Then Reading. Then it's my birthday. At this rate I'll be spending it with a cup of tea indoors. At one point I seriously considered selling my Reading ticket, but for what I thought? Probably about one bill. Mmmm.....one bill vs. one of the best weekends of the year. No contest really. Why oh why do all the bills have to come through at the same time? We've still got the phone bill and another final electric bill from our old flat to pay after this lot. As well as the mortgage and various direct debits.....arrrggghh!!!!! All day my mind has been preoccupied with how to allocate what come in to what we pay out and I'm sick of it. Can't even try and settle with some vino or the like. Budget does not allow. So settling in with Lemon Fanta. Not quite the same but it will have to do. Can't wait for Reading. One thing that always appeals is that you're living for 3 days, in a world where the mundane, work and bills and surviving the rat race world no longer exsists and it's pure escape. Roll on!!!!
  11. carley

    Happy happy joy joy....

    Hello all. All who chose to read my blog. Which will probably just be the mods then. And that's only to check I'm not publishing anything untoward. Which I'll try not to do. So in time, you'll probably not even bother. And then t'will be me rambling on to myself. So no change there Well, I'm back from a weekend visiting the parentals and seeing some of my old mates who I don't get to see that often. One of them's getting spliced in 2 weeks, and I wanted to catch up before the wedding as she'll be all over the place on the day. Also spend some time with my sister and my nieces who I haven't seen since christmas. So that was nice. Public transport was crap as always. There was some festival going on at Eastnor, near Ledbury where parentals live. (why anyone would want to hold a festival in such a dark ages town as Ledbury is beyond me, the mobile phone shop is proabably considered witchcraft) Unaware on this I had to spend just over 2 hours stood up on a packed out hot train feeling like a mug for spending money to experience travel like a battery chicken. On the way back the train packed up and people were getting bunged into taxis and carted off to the station closest to where they were headed. I never realised how much I value my personal space, having had in pretty much invaded throughout my travelling experience I was pretty much fuming away getting pissed off if anyone even walked past me. Finally at home, but still feeling peed off, although I'm not sure why. Just a bit deflated really. And worrying about the pile of bills and lack of any money to pay them with. I bought a pair of combat trousers this weekend and I really shouldn't have but I thought to hell with it. Starting new job on Wednesday. Should help me feel a bit better. At the moment I just wish we had enough coming in to be at least a bit comfortable. Its like that advert "We've got more going out than we've got coming in", which ironically me and mr.carley always cheer after hearing it cos we find it hilarious. But probably a little bit ironic too. Adios.