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FINALLY...she f**king well cheers up!!!

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Oh my god! Something that's NOT all doom and gloom.

The bills situation is looking better, not yet outta the woods though so won't speak too soon! mr.carley finally starting to realise he needs to be a bit more responsible, and job still going ok.

I feel quite chilled out, much better than I've done in recent months, xmas doesn't even faze me, everyone is aware we are doing it shoestring style this year, and they understand completely. Dad tells me to give his present to the church as after all christmas is the welcoming of the son of god. mmm, not quite sure how to tell my dad I'm actually an agnostic but hey. He's not really the religious type at all although he is catholic, he's never talked that much religious stuff before...

..and not sure the church would know what to do with a men's facecare kit from boots.

Nope, I've just decided to roll with the punches, seeing as the light at the end of the tunnel of skintness is finally in sight. BT can shove their final bill in their butts until January, as can any other bills that fall on the doormat between now and christmas...mwah ha ha.... :ph34r:

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