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  1. Here we f***** go!

    It'll never stop. It's pretty much ingrained into Scottish ned culture as much as going to a festival and making an absolute cu*t of yourself whilst on several class A's that they can't handle and thinking its acceptable by ruining it for everyone else.
  2. Glastocam!

    Can anyone else see the horse in the clouds?
  3. Weather thread 2015

    I'm going to ask a silly question, is it going to rain?
  4. If the festival had to move locations would you still go?

    If they moved it to Central Scotland I would be a happy man!
  5. Sky view of site this afternoon

    That's tremendous! Well done to the OP! Absolutely buzzing for this now!!
  6. Twitter hate toward Emily

    They probably don't and the proof from that is the guy who made the petition for Kanye was in no way intending to go to the festival. That's how deluded these muppets are. I'm sure though that Emily is aware of this and is likely to shrug this sort of 'feedback' off which although it isn't acceptable, she knows, I imagine, that these crackpots are just simpletons with a keyboard.
  7. Twitter hate toward Emily

    Welcome to Social Media, where keyboard hardmen flex their muscle yet wouldn't last ten seconds in the real world.
  8. Are you fit and ready for whats to come ?

    It's my birthday next week so I'm going out to get plastered next Saturday. Not a great way to begin the week as my hangovers are relentless but start as you mean to go on!
  9. What annoys you the most at Glastonbury?

    Having only been for my first time last year, nothing really got my piss boiled till we went to see Massive Attack. Perfect spot, edged forward ever so slightly then right in front of us a squad (6 people) sitting in chairs for the whole show, talking and not giving a fuck about the performance. Too late for us to move because it was prime sound (despite their blethering) and in line with the stage but fucking hell, if you go see Massive Attack get off your arse and enjoy it!!
  10. Entering/exiting/re-entering Car Park

    Hi Glasto-Worker, thanks very much for that. I was really looking for a sort of assurance that it would be OK. It's so much hassle having to do it but the couple we are picking up have never been to a festival never mind Glastonbury! Thanks everyone for your help.
  11. Entering/exiting/re-entering Car Park

    Do you think that we won't get back in?
  12. Entering/exiting/re-entering Car Park

    Thanks for the reply. That's fine, I wasn't expecting that at all. I was just hoping that it would be OK to leave with the same car park sticker and come back. We're going to be as quick as we can (traffic depending) so hopefully get as near as we can to where we were. It's a tad of a nightmare but it's a couple of folk who have never been and aren't too comfortable trying to get to the festival on their own.
  13. My group are going to head down to Glastonbury on the Wednesday but we have a couple of people flying in on the Thursday morning to Bristol airport. We were planning on picking them up and getting a few other essentials along the way. What's the situation with getting in and out of the car park over a couple of days?
  14. Are those folding sack trucks any good?

    I saw people with it last year and was instantly jealous so decided to try work out a way to get it this time round, we (4 of us) are in an Insignia which is a fairly large car fortunately but we are doing a trial pack this weekend to check how we are for space. We were going to take a trailer but we have opted for a roof rack instead as we are driving from Scotland and don't fancy taking a trailer all that way. It's big but knowing we will be taking it is a massive relief compared to last year. We are only taking what booze we need though for the Wednesday night in the car for the 4 of us as we are picking up more people on the Thursday morning from Bristol airport. We will do our big booze run so space might not be too bad on the drive down. Tents, bags and a few cans/bottles.
  15. Are those folding sack trucks any good?

    I took something like what the OP was looking at last year, by the time I got from Car Park 48 to South Park 2 (first run) the trolley had completely buckled. It was awful. We've decided to go for a garden trolley this year with the 4 wheels and large cage. We're doing two trips on the Wednesday and then again after picking up friends on the Thursday so it seems justified. This is the one we are getting: