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  1. TRNSMT Festival 2017

    See this is the frustrating thing, the organisers surely must be aware that people have to make travel arrangements and should release the set times accordingly. I could make arrangements now to be picked up but it's still a maybe as to whether I should or not. To have to make temporary arrangements only to find out on the morning of the festival if I need to or not is just bollocks from the organisers. This isn't a field in the middle of nowhere, it's in the middle (give or take a few 100 metres) of a city centre.
  2. TRNSMT Festival 2017

    I'm heading back to Falkirk that night and plan on just getting the train probably the last one. It'll be a battle getting back but I'm expecting it to not be too bad. I reckon Radiohead will finish before 11 leaving close to enough time to get to Queen Street and get the last train. That's my plan anyway......
  3. Aphex Twin

    See he's got a few dates lined up this year and a convenient gap at the end of June. He could easily headline, couldn't see it at the Park as it would be absolutely rammed. John Peel maybe? It would take someone monumental on another stage for me to miss him playing, I would even miss Radiohead for him.
  4. Daft Punk

    This just went up on Youtube, it says January 1st for the upload date but I suspect it was private until recently. Real or fake? It's got a lot of people talking. Reddit forum discussing:
  5. The Unsuccessful

    Could someone point me in the direction of the spreadsheet please? I'm gutted I missed out this year, even more at this headliner news but I will play my part in the resale for anyone going coach and hopefully the favour can be returned when I go for general sale. Thanks in advance.
  6. Other Stage 2017

    I would quite happily watch Skrillex again. Not a big fan of his music but his show a couple years ago was one of the best sets I've ever seen.
  7. Glastocam!

    Can anyone else see the horse in the clouds?
  8. Electronica/Dance

    Having been going to Rockness since it began and spending most of my T experience in the Slam tent I had high expectations for Glastonburys dance stages and acts. 2014 was my first year and it's utterly mindblowing the choices on offer. I spent a good few hours dancing my arse of to 2 many DJ's doing their Despacio set then of to Sasha on the Thursday (Glade is insane, like a club outside with the lights and sound nicely tucked away into the trees), Skrillex and Richie Hawtin Friday, DJ AFX, DJ Sneak, Seth Troxler, Four Tet, Dan Le Sac, Bonobo are the ones I can remember from all over the weekend and most of these were before I even spent the whole of Sunday night in the SE corner which frankly is the best fucking thing I've ever done in my life. Electronic music at Glastonbury is sensational and I've only been once! Can't wait till next year.
  9. Underworld played a (fantastic) set this afternoon at Maida Vale and towards the end Karl Hyde said they are back in the studio working on new material.

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