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  1. Who's watching what on tv

    Edit: haha never mind. I was wrong
  2. Films

    Inside Llewyn Davis is available from the usual sources
  3. Films

    Very very good. It's much more about the performances than the story tho, and it probably goes on a wee bit too long
  4. Ufc

    Anyone seen Daley's KO from last night? OOOFT
  5. Who's watching what on tv

    Homeland season finale webrip is available in the usual places if you can't wait until tomorrow
  6. Who's watching what on tv

    Just watched SOA. Jesus
  7. Who's watching what on tv

    Aye Sons was great this week. Has been a brilliant series. Only one left tho Anyone watching Mob City this week?
  8. Breaking Bad (Warning, contains spoilers)

    Watched it on a stream last night. Definitely gonna watch again. Perfect ending
  9. NFL

    Had a wee go on gamepass tonight (free using the Netherlands vpn trick). So much better than the coverage we get for any sport over here. Going to the Dolphins Falcons game in 2 weeks so more excited than usual about this season!
  10. Films

    James Spader playing Ultron in Avengers 2 apparently?
  11. Films

    Yeah thats pretty much how I felt about it too. Good, but not great. Looked absolutely incredible. Not sure what the deal was with her accent!
  12. Ufc

    McGregor out for 10 months http://www.mmajunkie.com/news/2013/08/acl-tear-sidelines-ufc-featherweight-conor-mcgregor-for-10-months
  13. Who's watching what on tv

    Only 2 new episodes of Futurama left
  14. Films

    Coming off Argo he's certainly not at rock bottom which suggests this is something he wants to do rather than just a paycheck. My hope is that it leads to him directing a Batman of JLA film

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